Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The one with... graduated with flying colours

.... from University of Pantang on 30 September 2016. Yeay!

  • Brought Kafeel for his 1 month check up and at 6 weeks, he's all healthy and weighing 5.2kg :)

  • I did my pantang for 2 weeks (14 days) at my mom's place and the balance of 30 days was done at my own - with the help of  my MIL. Makan memang pantang betul2, minum ada cheat sikit sini sana minum air sejuk hihi (chilled kind not the iced kind), socks all the time, keluar rumah cuma time hospital visits, bertungku everyday in the morning (except on days of hospital visits) and in the evening (if rajin), and berbarut everyday too (except during the period I had mastitis - see next bullet point). Pantang dari segi movement, this one was observed accordingly masa I was at my mom's but once I was back at my own, susah sikit lah coz with the kids and basic house chores to be done kan. I tried to restrict my movement as much as I can although physically I felt fine tapi ye lah luka di dalam siapa yang tahu...
  • Speaking of which, berpantang this time kind of sucks becauseeee I had engorgement (during the week 3 of pantang pulak tu sheeshhhh) that did not go away for almost 2 weeks! Sucks big timeeeeee. I had fever and not to mention the pain I had to endure. Tried alllllll the tips - hand massage, comb massage, hot shower, warm compress, cold compress, direct feed, pump, put cabbage, and took Shaklee's lecithin. I even called 3 confinement ladies to do some massages, and 2 doctors visit. Was sent for an ultrasound and thankfully there was no abscess so in the end I was prescribed with a stronger antibiotics. Alhamdulillah, finally life was back to normal. Phew. I hope to never again having to go through such pain during my breastfeeding journey. Semoga dipermudahkan aminnnnn.
  • Looking back, actually the mastitis episode was the hardest bit of my pantang life this time around. Cause other than that, I had it relatively easy. Compared to his 2 elder brothers, Kafeel has been as easy baby in the sense that he quickly settled down to distinguish day and night. Penat sikit la waktu siang coz dia banyak berjaga but malam, he slept through the night with of course that 3-4 hourly feeding time - was a breeze anyway coz I can feed him lying down. So during pantang, my husband and I didn't have to go through the staying up during the wee hour episode to take care or sooth the baby. For that, I am really grateful.
  • During the mastitis episode, I was so stress that my I loss my pregnancy weight the most during that period. So there's definitely blessings in disguise hihi. I managed to finish my pantang achieving my pre-pregnancy weight, in fact, even with few kgs lesser for some buffer yeay! First time nih so I was so happy :) Coz during the previous 2 pregnancies, I finished my pantang having few more kgs to lose to get back my pre-pregnancy weight. Oh well, semoga istiqamah now that pantang phase is over I can go all-I-can-eat mode, heh!
  • Similar to Kazim, Kafeel also has a reflux problem whereby he had a projectile vomit once in a while and a daily case of muak susu. Since he's gaining his weight well and he sleeps well (not fussy) so this is just another laundry problem (can't wait for this phase to be over!!!) than a health problem. We consulted his paed to confirm this as well.
  • My maternity leave is 3 months so I still have quite some time to adjust being a mother of 3. Nervous actually, especially to think of how to slot it cooking time into the daily routine with Kafeel being so ever demanding during the day time. Wish me luck!

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