Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The one with... that many firsts in life

And this time, it was my second's son first school trip.

Last 2 weeks before end of the term 1, Kazim's school organised the first excursion of the year. The very first for Kazim, that is. It was to the Petrosains in KLCC - boy was he so excited.. ! ♥ 

And instead of the usual feeling of nervous and anxious, I was instead feeling very excited for him too. Maybe because the parents were required to drop off the kids at the Petrosains itself (instead of riding a bus). AND, maybe, just maybe because I sort of made Khayr, in his capacity as the ex-student, join the excursion too. Heeeeee :)

I spy with my eldest's little eye :P
I think I did the right thing - firstly since the school allowed the ex-student to join as well, why not right? Secondly, I didn't have to do a to and fro that day - i.e. waited for Khayr's van to pick him up to go to his school, sent Kazim's off to KLCC, went back home to wait for Khayr to be back from school, and went back again to KLCC to pick Kazim. Lastly, we ourselves have not brought the kids to Petrosains, so in a way good lah both of them get to have the experience of going there. Considered it as been there done that, I'm so striking off Petrosains from our places-to-go list hehe :)

I had some me time while the kids were at the Petrosains - had my breakfast and did some window shopping. And I get to meet my girlfriend Tina for early lunch too. Planning to meet Ayu and Zue too but they had to call for a rain-check.

We planned for a sushi sesh but I was too heavy to walk over to Avenue K and patah balik to KLCC. So I had my fix for the soft shell crab spaghetti at Ben's instead. 

The kids had so much fun - they had so many things to tell. About the earth, the planets, the dinosaurs, the racing cars, the fire, the explosion, and the nasi ayam (their lunch pack LOL) - among other things. I'm glad the trip took place on Friday; i.e. on my off day. It was yet another wonderful Friday I had 

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