Monday, 9 May 2016

The one with... sloppy pancakes at Slappy Cakes

Happy Mother's Day to all fellow mothers ! 
Motherhood does feel like a battlefield sometimes. But with my own General right here by my side, I'll keep fighting with my level best!

So my husband is not that sweet, surprise-y, celebratory type of a person and my boys are still small to appreciate what's Mother's Day is all about. Well that's ok. It's kind of expected so I planned for a special weekend myself for.. ME! :D

No breakfast in bed whatsoever coz unless we are in a hotel I don't approved food and drinks being brought upstairs, what's more in the bedroom. That's like a major no-no in our house rules.

Instead, I made my men make pancakes for breakfast at this place in Publika called Slappy Cakes :)

We chose the buttermilk batter (RM9 per bottle) and chocolate batter (RM13 per bottle); with maple syrup and strawberry jams for the toppings (RM3 each). Kids were so excited!

Boys being boys, the pancakes they made are not in the best-looking shapes LOL but very much appreciated nonetheless 

My attempt to make a mickey-mouse shaped pancake - not too bad aite? :)

That was on Saturday. And then on Sunday my husband had to drop by his office to do some work for a while and being such a darling and understanding kids (I'd like to think so! Hehe) they insisted on following their abah...

... leaving me a good 5 hours for a me time 

It's that little thing that counts.. Hope you had a great weekend too!

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