Thursday, 28 April 2016

The one with... everything is awesome!

It’s almost end of April and I have no post for the month! (big deal *roll eyes* hehehe)

So here’s to ensure April 2016 is not left without some memories being jot down.

Some time earlier the month we took 3 days off from work to bring the kids for their honeymoon trip to the Legoland. We called it honeymoon because after this I'll be heavier for a jalan2 trip, then it’s fasting month, then raya, then the baby is out (InsyaAllah), and then that means all of us will be home-bound for a while. Can’t imagine jalan2 with 3 kids but yeah we’ll cross the bridge first. Heh.

So we bagged a good deal from Matta Fair for a 3D2N stay at the Legoland Hotel, with 2-days 2-parks combo. It’s our second time to the hotel, first time to the parks.
Left: Us in front of the Legoland hotel in Jan 2015.
Right: Same spot in April 2016. Look at how much the kids (well, we also hehe) have grown.

We made our move to JB on Sunday itself and stayed for the night in our kiasu-ness excitement to ensure the next day early in the morning we were the first to be in front of the Legoland entrance haha. Talking about fully utilizing the parks tickets huh. Our plan was to go to the Theme Park first, then in the evening only to enter the Water Park. And we did just that. We had so much fun!! The kids especially. And you know that feeling to see your kids having the time of their life? Yessss, priceless! 

We purposely chose weekdays, off-peak period to enjoy Legoland with lesser crowd. Best.decision.ever! Kids get to take the ride with no queue, and in fact for some rides which they wanted to repeat, they didn't even have to get off the ride and re-queue. The staff just let them continued to have their second, third (and fourth! heh) round in a row. And for those rides requiring them to be accompanied by adult, my husband did not have to wait for long to go for a second round with our second son.
The premium pirate-theme room as requested by the kids.

Studying the map :) In the theme park there were The Beginning, Lego City, Land of Adventure, Imagination, Miniland, Lego Technic and Lego Kingdoms. We didn't plan to cover Miniland much (try making your toddlers pose with those landmarks built with lego bricks - MEH! don't bother! we know them too well). And Lego Technic was more for bigger kids, 8yo and above- so we skipped that too.


Car ride, aeroplane, boat, ambulance and fire engine - at Lego City.

We read some where that one of the tips to survive Legoland with our hot Malaysian weather was to keep taking turns to go between outdoor and indoor places. Such a brilliant and useful tips, we found.

Star Wars indoor miniland - more of a place for the husband.

At the Lego Kingdoms. And I was so proud of my 2Ks for braving through their first roller coaster ride with no fear and tears whatsoever! Especially Kazim, oh my he really surprised us that day :)

Indoor 4D cinema shows (there were few shows - check out on the timing) and Ninjago Show.


Imagination - The place my kids (and the husband) spent hourssss building their race cars using the lego bricks and race against each other. It's amazing to see how easy the kids (even adults) make friends through such fun activities. I have no complain - it's an indoor place with air-conditioning and chairs. I had to just sit and be their supportive (not sexy at all) track girl. Hehe.

The few pictures at the Water Park before I joined the bandwagon.

We covered the whole of Legoland in those 2 days morning till evening; and back in hotel, Legoland was never a dull place to stay at coz it always have activities happening throughout the day. Sesuai laaaa for kids for they alwayssss have loads of energy sigh.

Movie night - kids be like, what lights off mama? -___-'
And then of course there's that countless lego bricks everywhere for the kids to play.

Before balik - sesi 'tunjuk2'.. *kaching!*
While waiting for husband to validate the car park ticket - kids happy with the trading option offered at the lobby area. Hehe. Kazim paling fussy - nak exchange kepala la, tangan la, head gear la.

Kids with their favourite character from The Lego Movie, Emmet.

 It was time to leave! Alhamdulillah it was a great trip we had. *cue song - Everything Is Awesome!*

Other pointers you ought to know:

  • If you stay at the Legoland hotel, parking is free (just need to validate the parking ticket) and it is so near to the both entrances - Wet Park and Theme Park. On day of arrival we left our luggage in the car and did our jalan2 at both parks straight away.
  • When jalan2 at the Theme Park make sure you wear comfy shoes - a lot of walking involved! If your kids dah pandai pakai kasut yang ada roda tersembunyi tu (hahaha ok I know there's a name for it but I cannot recall as I'm typing this) even better. Let them wear those. And of course with our Malaysian weather sila lah dress comfortably too. For kids its helpful to get them to put on a cap / hat. Kalau rajin nak pegang, boleh la bawak payung. And bawak tla towel kecik or handkerchief untuk lap2 the berlengas kids hihi.
  • Toilets ada banyak and comfy too, they even have family toilet. And surau ada 2.
  • Once masuk the Theme Park tu, we started from the right and made one big circle ikut map to cover all the sections in the Theme Park.
  • Stroller - can rent kat dalam park tu. RM45 per rental (yang single punya). There's a double stroller too but I can't remember how much is the rental.
  • Parks tickets - if you buy 2-parks combo ticket you can keluar masuk between Theme Park and Wet Park throughout the day. But with 1 park ticket, once keluar tak boleh masuk balik (except on Friday for para lelaki - and so I read somewhere. Not sure how true it is).
  • Indoor shows have timing, so make sure you check out on those showtimes and plan accordingly.
  • Food is not allowed to be brought in to the parks but to be honest masa kitorang pergi haritu the staff macam tak check pun? We did bring in some biscuits and chocolates yang memang kebetulan ada in my handbag. But yeah the rules is that you cannot bring in food. There are a lot of restaurants and stalls selling snacks in the Theme Park, but price wise there were slightly on the expensive side. For the 2 days, our lunch each time was about RM60 and we only ordered 2 sets meal. On a good side - the portion is quite generous. Tasted a-okay too.
  • Speaking of restaurants - there were 2 restaurants if I'm not mistaken where there'll be a meet and greet with the Lego characters. One is the pizza restaurant near the Build & Test place, lagi satu tak ingat which restaurant.
  • Air - sila bawak botol air siap2. Air kat dalam tu mahai dot com.
  • Moving from Theme Park to Wet Park - on day 1 we brought the swimming attire and slippers together with us to be used later at the Wet Park when jalan2 at the Theme Park. Leceh jugak sebenarnya sebab nak kena bawak those things kan. So on day 2 what we did is we went back and get changed in the hotel, better. So masa jalan2 kat Theme Park tu lesser loads lah.

  • Kat Wet Park - ada changing room and locker. But towels are on rental. So kitorang bawak towel sendiri. Well, more like hotel towels and bathrobes actually. Hehe.
  • And kat Wet Park, for us ladies kena wear proper swimming attire. The t-shirt with tracks or tights combo was a no-no.
  • There's a small mall next to Legoland, with convenient stores and fast food restaurants. So dinner option if its not at the hotel itself, it would be at that small mall called Medini Mall. But on day 2 we drove out to a nearby place yang ada Mydin tu. There's a mamak there with few other eateries. Itu saja nearby options yang ada coz Legoland is quite secluded from other areas.
  • Hmmm okie dokie that's all I can think of. Hope this helps! :)