Thursday, 31 March 2016

The one with... about laksa

Earlier this month, we had a makan-makan sesh at my FiL's house. It was the meet-and-greet occasion with the family of my SiL's husband-to-be. The main dish was laksa johor and it was super nyums! I don't really eat laksa johor outside, but this one is exceptional. It's the specialty dish of the family and relatives from my husband's side.

Home-made laksa johor and the condiments combo - two thumbs up from me! 👍👍

Then during the recent weekend, we chanced upon a by-the-way holiday trip to Langkawi because we were attending a relative's wedding. And one of the must-have dishes when in Langkawi apparently is this dish called laksa ikan sekoq located by the beach near the airport. 

We didn't know at first because when we landed at the Langkawi International Airport we were so hungry we just resorted to the nearest makan place we spotted. And it was that row of stalls by the beach near the airport.

My take on it - oh so divine! The kuah is pekat and nice and delicious, and it has that added oomph with the one whole fish to go with.

This was taken during our first visit.

Anddd of course I had to make my husband bring me there again for a second visit on our last day there before going to the airport hihi.

Sigh and now I teringin. Laksa from pasar malam is not the same. And I've never cooked laksa in my whole life and I'm having this mental-blocked that its such a tedious dish to make.

Speaking of laksa, ever since I was pregnant with my first child I have been 'brain-washed' by my mom and few of my friends in office who are a lil bit older (not that I'm that young la kan hehe) that after giving birth, one has to pantang from eating laksa for at least a year. And the reasons given when asked were very vague, I feel. Angin. Bisa. Sejuk. Tak Elok. and the most classic one has got to be 'Orang tua2 yang cakap'.

Anyways, I wasn't really a laksa fan then. But during my second pregnancy, after coming back to work from maternity leave the first dish I had in office was laksa. I wasn't really thinking about it and I memang completely forgotten about the pantang. And guess what, that night I had a fever and I was really shivering in pain. Wow. Creepy much.

That said, I am now a firm believer that one cannot have laksa after giving birth. Reason? Orang tua2 cakap tak elok. Heh.

So yeah, I better eat laksa puas2 now. Gotta send in the request to husband, he has been very kind in making sure that I get to eat what I want during this pregnancy albeit being the 3rd one for us ❤ 

Any suggestion on the place that serves a good laksa in KL?

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The one with... playing tourist for the (20 minutes) day.

During the recent weekend, since we didn't have any plans we decided to fulfill Khayr's long time wish of wanting to go to the KLCC sky bridge. Such interesting request, we thought. I mean, even my husband and I have never been there.

There's online ticketing option but it does not offer for MyKad and MyKid holders. So, we had to buy our tickets at the ticketing counter itself. Boo #1. So off my husband went to KLCC early Sunday morning to buy the tickets because apparently tickets are limited and issued on a first come, first serve basis. Boo #2. He managed to buy tickets for us for the 2.40pm slot.

Kids enjoyed the whole experience. Althoughhhhh it was when we were at the level 86 (what they called as 'Observation Deck') and that our 20-mins session was about to due that we realised eh how come we were not brought to the bridge? I mean, it was Khayr who asked about it. I guess he would have imagined standing in between the 2 towers. It was then only we were informed by the staff, upon asking, that currently the sky bridge at level 41 was closed for maintenance until May 2016. Boo #3.

They should have informed my husband when he queued for the tickets hmmmm. Well, fine, they had it stated at the board at the ticketing counter but alahaiiii tulisan kecik bebenor. Memang tak perasan. Oh well, our bad. Looks like there will be a second visit for us sometime later - after May, that is.

So school holiday has started but we didn't have any plans in store for the kids - not during this week of the school break itself. It's our final year to enjoy going for holidays during the non-school holidays period because next year Khayr will be in standard 1 already! Lo and behold no more suka2 nak pontengkan anak from school (hehe); and yes we will be joining the crowd and paying premium pricing during such peak school holiday season starting next year, *cringe*!

We planned to bring the kids to the Legoland as their 'honeymoon' trip before having lil sibling occupying us the parents soon hehe. In 2014 we stayed at the Legoland Hotel in the pirate-themed room and kids still talk about it until now. During our previous stay, we didn't go to the parks because the kids were still small. So this time we are planning to cover the parks. Managed to bag quite a good deal at the Matta Fair and we had no issue to book for the pirate-themed room again because we purposely chose weekdays during low season for our trip. The look on the kids face when we went to the Legoland booth at the Matta Fair was priceless! ◕‿◕  (And now we have to deal with the never-ending question of "bila kita nak pergi???"). Heh.

So honeymoon trip for 2Ks 
Babymoon trip for me, to be finalised soon! *fingers crossed* ◕‿-。

April, May, June - these are the only period available for us to travel before Puasa month commences and before I is sarats dot com! :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The one with... domesticated much.

Happy (belated) International Women's Day (IWD) to you, superwomen you! 

I don't really remember or celebrate all these international this day, international that day. But this year's IWD was somewhat a day to be remembered. It's all started when last week the HR rep emailed me informing that they were planning to feature me (among few others) in the firm's internal comm. (email and intranet) in view of the IWD. I was like, wow, so thrilled and shy too ^_^

There were few short Qs to answer and basically it was more on that topic of Flexi Working Arrangement (FWA), and I was stucked at 'Tell us something interesting about you - hobby? passion? etc'

Gosh! Please, I must be the most boring-est person on earth ! -___-' Coz seriously I don't have any particular hobby or passion, let alone interesting. Sigh.

Anyways, I thought of something eventually, and I hope it was inspiring enough.

Yup I cooked everyday in the morning before I left for work. Cooking in the morning means (1) My kids' caretakers, which is their grandparents do not have to think of what to cook for their lunch; and (2) I have more time to spend with my kids because by the time I got back home from work, the food is ready (just need to heat them up) - so we can have dinner together (dinner time is important family time). Thereafter we can spend some time together before their bed time at 9 ~ 9.30pm.

After all, the best way to win a man's heart is through his stomach... and I have THREE men's stomachs to manage! :D