Thursday, 25 February 2016

The one with... February 2016, finishing strong!

Ok, not that it has ended but it will be, soon.

It has been such a craaaaazy month! I guess its all started with the start-stop-start-stop working days with that public holidays here and there in January and February. Not that I'm complaining but since I'm on a 4-day working week, that kinda shortened my available working hours. So I was reallllly rushing against time.

Then post long CNY break, bam! it's like everyone was getting their mojo back on track. Things got even busy-er. Existing clients chasing for reports / following-up on outstandings, new clients approaching for engagements, management chasing for internal stuff, and so on. It has been non-stop!

Thought of ensuring some memories are recorded, here I am posting some of those happenings in February for future remembrance ♥ 

Of February babies

My kids turned 6yo and 4yo this month!

Its the no-birthday-party year for them this year (doing it once in every 2 years), so it was only a small do with family members at home, and also with their friends at school.

Turned 6 on 5 February 2016.

Turned 4 on 22 February 2016.

Of potty-training

Speaking of being one-year older, hip hip horey finally Kazim is fully potty-trained now! Means both my 2K's were fully trained juuuuust in the nick of time before they turned 4yo. Well to some maybe such an age is considered late when it comes to potty-training. But both hubs and I agreed on the when-they-are-ready-they-are-ready method. Fuss-free and stress-free for both us parents and them kids; and quick & easy transitioning phase too especially the sleeping at night time. For both, it took perhaps 1 month or lesser, with minimal accidents encountered. Phew.

Of loose tooth

At the age of 6y10d, my firstborn had his very first loose tooth. Errr ok and it has been almost 2 weeks later now and it hasn't fallen out yet! We are monitoring to see whether the new tooth is growing out or not and yesterday, we saw something white-ish behind the loose tooth. We should bring him to dentist, yes? Coz husband seems to be wanting Khayr to experience it himself au naturale. Hmmmm.

Of being so big boy

Kazim had his first social studies at school and it was in conjunction with the CNY. Thankfully it took place on Friday, so I get to be there as well (parents can come in during the performance session).

And my oh my, I got all teary seeing Kazim performing a lion dance! Kids version la tapi but really, what took me by surprise was his ability to receive instruction and follow steps. The feeling was indescribable. Its like my little baby has grown up so fast! Sigh.

He was the tail :) I recorded the whole performance and showed it to my husband. He was so proud and shared the same sentiment with me - Kazim is such a grown up now!

Of being sick

Mid February, in between Khayr's birth date and Kazim's, the two of them fell sick. It started with Khayr having high fever followed with runny-nose and cough; and of course the next day Kazim had them too :(
Kazim had it worse, his temp was hovering around 39degC to 40. And even with the supp, it took a while to bring his temp down. (I know with high fever its best to dress them in loose and minimal cloth. But this time Kazim was having high temp yet shivering. His body and hands and feet were cold so we put on his favourite sweater but he was wearing shorts).

On day 3 for Khayr (which was day 2 for Kazim), I cannot take it anymore I brought them both to the hospital. They had to go through blood test and swab test, and I was shocked to learn that Kazim was tested positive with influenza A.. Sobs. Thankfully with the right treatment, they were all back kicking and running few days after with home care.

It was a bubur week for us at home. Yeay to us, nay for hubs. Hihi. He is not a bubur person.

Of baby V / baby D

Finally one good news... Alhamdulillah, we are expecting :) The clock is ticking, its our before-35 plan (executed just in time before 'deadline' next year haha) and thankfully, granted. I'm entering week 16 (nausea phase, be gone! phew). 2Ks were thrilled! One day, while we were in the car hunting for food of my need  want crave (sambal hijau Putu Bungsu - no other. Na'ah, not the Sari Ratu's one even), Kazim said to me "Mama, kalau baby girl kan. Kazim nak nama dia Violet". I laughed thinking how cute was that for him to even think of this baby's name. Then I said "Hmmmmm, what if it's a boy? Hah?" Not expecting that he can be so quick to think on his feet with the answer, unanimously he and Khayr opened up their mouth and said "Ohhh, kalau boy kitorang dah decide nama dia Dash".

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seriously la kids? Heh.

Nur Violet or Mohd Dash, it does not matter (yep came to that term already :)). I'm just praying for a smooth and safe journey to give birth to a baby yang sihat dan sempurna. Aminnnn.

March, please be nice :)

Till later!