Monday, 11 January 2016

The one with... what's there in Nilai?

Nilai Springs Resort Hotel, it is.

Just thought of sharing about the existence of this place since I myself never knew about it before.

During end of last year in December, as usual the last minute husband and I decided to go for a short vacation. We've used up our budget for the Europe trip earlier but what's a year-end break without a trip right? Nothing fancy schmancy, just as long as it's according to the kids' definition of a holiday - a hotel, that has a bath tub, and a nice swimming pool :)

We first wanted to have a repeat at HRH in Penang, fully booked. Legoland Hotel, hmmm fully booked too. Sunway Hotel / Resort and Lost World of Tambun, although we were a bit skeptical knowing that it will be super crowded during school holiday, but we went away anyway with searching for available room - also fully booked. Bummer!

Then we thought, okay lah a stay-cation will do. But then we were wondering which hotel in KL that has a nice kiddy pool?

That's when a friend shared with me about Nilai Springs Resort Hotel. Well ok not so much in KL, but neighboring KL hehe. She had a corporate family day there recently. After hearing her experience and looking at some of her pictures, we were sold. A one night stay-cation at Nilai it was! :)

And we were glad with our decision - the place was like a hidden gem! I mean the place takde lah ada WOW factor sangat ke ape, but suffice to say it's decent. Most importantly, we checked in on 30 December, and checked out on 31 December - and both days we had the pool all to ourselves! I mean given that it was school holiday I would have imagined every pool will be crowded with kids like that opening scene in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules *cringe*. But definitely not this one. 2Ks super loved it, they enjoyed that short trip 

Brownie point - Huge bathroom area with a bath tub.
The panoramic view of the pool. One on the far left, one in the middle, one on the right. And not seen here are the adults pool (1.8m), the jacuzzi pool, and another kiddy pool. Super huge right? 
Khayr's favourite part of the pool. Heh.

I was being that annoying instagram wife/mother - trying to have a flat lay of my 3Ks. Hehehehe.
My definition of vacation - stuffing myself silly with junk food. #dietdontcare

View from the lift in the morning of our day 2. We were rushing thinking after breakfast mesti ramai yang nak mandi pool before check-out. Turned out we were rushing only to an empty pool! :)

Alhamdulillah for the good ending in year 2015 ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿


  1. My new must try place to go to! Thanks!!

    1. Hampshire Mummy: Hope you're gonna have great time too just like we did! :)