Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The one with... new year, new routine.

This year Khayr turns 6 and Kazim turns 4 (they've been pestering me since last year on when can they change their age to an additional 1 year  -_____-' sigh why would you want to grow up so fast, kids?).

Khayr continues to go to his previous kindy - a senior already by now woohoo while Kazim starts a new routine of going to a playschool. Lain pulak rasa nya sekarang having to send Kazim to a playschool, maybe because he's the youngest so in our eyes, he's still a baby. Heh. Unlike masa hantar Khayr dulu, we felt he was more than ready to go.

That obligatory my-fist-day-of-school pose :)

Alhamdulillah his first day went well. He adapted so very well that I felt comfortable having to be there only on his first day. Maybe because he's a frequent to that place masa Khayr attended the same program 2 years ago :)

Well whatever it is go make new friends and make new memories, son!

So this year with Kazim going to school means we have new routine at home. Here's to a great year ahead~*! Wishing the same for you too :)


  1. Salam.

    Yay to new routine and playschool! Wishing you and family a very blessed 2016.

    Thank you for all the travel tales and tips too. A gem!

  2. Hampshire Mummy - W'salam... Likewise wishing you & family a blissful 2016 :) Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. And thanks for reading my travelling story too, hope its not too long winded! :)