Monday, 18 January 2016

The one with... nap time.

Families and friends will know by now that my second son takes his nap seriously. When its time to nap, he will doze off whenever, wherever :)

Tengah main, tengah baca buku, tengah buat puzzle, tengah makan - you name it, he can doze off easily if its time.

Once, we even caught him dozing off while playing by the pool! Haha cute!

Ok not so cute now that he goes to school. 

Kazim's class is starting only at 9.30am but on school days we made him wake up at the same time as his abang's coz satu kerja pulak for us to have 2 rounds of mandikan budak2, 2 rounds of siapkan diorang, and 2 rounds of breakfast prep coz that's not efficient for us in the morning before going to work. So settlekan them one shot is the way to go.

Breakfast in the morning around 7.45am before Khayr's van coming to pick him up at around 7.55am.
2Ks slept at about 9pm - 9.30pm at night so I suppose they have enough sleeping time. 

Now that its 3rd week of school, Kazim is still napping at school at around 12noon-ish. I had a word with his class teacher the other day, she said perhaps it will take some time for Kazim to adjust his body clock. They said they did try to make Kazim walk or stay alert but, Kazim being Kazim, he even fell ZZZzzz when it was a singing session :D

Oh dear....
I don't know whether this is worrying or not, but yeah I'm hoping for him to get all adjusted soon. Nap is good for kids, I know. It is just that I kind of forgot until what age do they need nap in their daily routine. I don't remember Khayr having this 'issue' though... Hmmm.

Okie dokie it's that time when the daily problem occurs - what's for lunch???

Have a great week ahead!

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