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Trip to Paris and London 2015 - Day 12 - London (University of Oxford, Bicester Village, Harry Potter)

22 September 2015 (Tuesday)

So its our 2nd day ber-road trip di bumi London aka day 6 in London aka day 12 in our entire Paris+London trip (wow that's quite a mouthful of intro hehe).

We learnt our lesson from the day before, so today we started our journey early. After all, there were 3 places to cover, and the last place for the day which was the Harry Potter tour involved purchase of tickets for a specific hour. So timing was really everything. We can't afford to miss it.

We managed to find a parking for public nearby our apartment the day before after we ended our road trip, which was FOC. Nak kena pusing2 jugak cari parking spot yang sesuai sebab most of the spots are for the residents. Kalau parking tak kena tempat, nanti kena saman!
Weather was gloomy that morning. Huhu. We made move after having our breakfast at the apartment.
Reached University of Oxford after 1hr and half of driving time. Sampai2 terus recce2 tempat parking dulu. Ada apps to locate for parking ikut parking rate per hour. Ranging from ₤2.50 to ₤4 tak silap. Kalau murah dia macam jauh sikit and of course yang ₤4 tu macam more convenient. We settled for the one with ₤3 per hour. Dia memang boleh bayar for 1 hour je. If nak tambah, kena datang balik and top-up. Goes to show how scarce the parking spots are there.  
Baca on the net it says Oxford University ni kecik je, butttt I beg to differ. Rasa macam besar je..  Hehe. And of course ada few best attractions so we tried to cover those places. One of them is this Bridge of Sighs.
Us doing 2K's mandatory pose at the Bridge of Sighs.
Group photo, panaromic view style.
Such a bummer it was raining that day. Drizzling, but enough to leave us wet and cold. Brrrrr.
London's infamous red telephone booth at the University of Oxford :)
Another must-visit places when in University of Oxford - the Bodleian Library, a place where cerita  like Xmen and Harry Potter were filmed at. Woot woot!

Mosque found at the Asian Culture Centre.

The Museum Of the History of Science. But so sayang, the opening hour was at 12noon of which by that time we had to leave already.
The Radcliffe Square - it was named after one of the students kat situ, who became doctor to the King.
Oxford covered market.
Macam tempat jual2 local crafts, food, drinks, and clothing.

Dalam 12noon, we continued our journey to Bicester Village.. Kaching! Hehe. Weather was still gloomy.
It didn't take us long to reach Bicester Village from University of Oxford, dalam 25mins - 30mins macam tu.
Sampai2, cari parking (we parked at the covered area) andddd had our lunch car-boot style! Hehe. Nasi lemak specially made by the 2 mothers (well technically I'm a mother too but I didn't count hehe).
Budak paling happy dapat makan nasi lemak. Kazim and nasi lemak berpisah tiada.
My smiling momma :)
One for the album. To be honest, we didn't shop much pun. Currency exchange was just a pain. To me, it was more of a been-there-done-that kind of visit :) Thought of buying one of the Tumi's but after comparing the price of the one hubs bought for me before from from US, I thought the price was not worth paid for.
By 2.30pm, we had to make move to the Harry Potter place already. We booked for a tour at 4pm ~ 4.30pm. Fearing that we'll be lost or had to make a stop ke anything (speaking of travelling in a big group kan..) so we thought we better had some buffer in our travelling time.

Eh tapi travelling in a big group pun best jugak, we get to buy the tix based on the group price instead of per pax price. So ada jimat la jugakkk :)
The feeling upon reaching and bila nampak this big 'Harry Potter' sign in front of us - PRICELESS! :)))))
The entrance.
Us with the passport where we get to collect stamps and wrote our own results from the mini 'quidditch hunting'.
Star-struck moment!! Haha. Of all places, boleh pulak jumpa one of my fav celebrities, Vince and his super cool family (yes I did the AFundi Vince and even attended the AF concert because of him! Haha). I'm a fan of his sisters too after watching the Amazing Race. The irony thing was, well, being a fan myself, I'm a follower of their IGs. So the day before tu I did tell my husband - "eh Vince and family ada kat London jugak lah. Diorang stay kat area Camden town. Ntah2 masa kita pergi situ haritu, diorang ada je. Kan best kalau terserempak". Sekaliiiii God has a better plan hehe.
The welcome speech by Harry, Ron and Hermione. Through video that is, bukan betul2 pun. But still, it felt so surreal! They explained how they have spent their yearssss there filming the Harry Potter movies so they grew up together, did their school there, and etc. So the studio is like the actual place where they had the movies being filmed at. And we get to tour the place, so its like, super cool! :) I'm not like a huge fan or anything, just biasa2 je, but even that also I felt super excited.
Felt so surreal to be in the actual film set of the Great Hall.
The 4 houses outfits.
The Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4
Eh macam best pulak pose macam ni instead of the mandatory push-the-trolley pose.
Mari lah kita tiru hihihi.
The mandatory push-the-trolley pose nak kena ada jugak ye tak :)
There's a session where we get to put on the witchcraft and wizardry robes and they made us do some motion action with the help of the green screen. Tapiii no videoshoot or photoshoot was allowed. Because of course they wanted you to buy the CD for the video and also the pictures. So we bought this one picture of Khayr playing the quidditch game..
And Kazim and me flying on the broomstick (check out Kazim's reaction, macam gayat betul2 hehe). Not sure whether was that the 2000 Nimbus model? :D Anyway banyakkk lagi gambar we had but first picture was at ₤14 per piece and the rest of the picture would be ₤7. Haaa kalau gambar semua orang nak beli, lu kira la sendiri huhu.
Me and SiL learning the wand combat moves :D

Expecto Patronum!
The professors at the Hogwarts school.

The Dumbledore office.

Professor Snape's potions classroom.

Khayr and Kazim of course can't relate much. Seen here is them busy collecting stamps for their Harry Potter passports hehe.
Sedikit emosi di situ...
Harry Potter full scale!
The Diagon Alley

Number 4, Privet Drive
Potter's Cottage
Hogwarts Bridge
Hagrids bike
The flying Ford Anglia
The Knight Bus!
The hand sculpted 1:24 scale of Hogwarts castle model.. Amazeballs!
The drawings
Its end of tour already :( Seriously it didn't feel 3 hours at all!
Harry Potter's merchandises. As always we only bought the fridge magnet :)
Masa mula2 sampai we were rushing for the tour. So tak sempat nak ambek gambar kat entrance. So masa dah keluar baru bergambar puas2.
The whole fam bam with our rented cars :)

2Ks pose jangan dilupai :)

After the Harry Potter studio tour, we drove back to London and had a feast at Melur! Nyamssss. Perut melayu masing2 nih hahaha.
Paling gembira jumpa nasi and ayam :)

Half way through, boleh tertidur pulak. Hehehe. Kazim's antics!
The damage. Well dollar to dollar of course it makes sense. Butttt kalau convert, memang boleh menangis sekali makan incur banyak nih. Hoho. Sooo jangan dibilang kami cheapskate bawak banyak food from KL bila datang sini ye. At least we get to spend on other things and save on food.
Knowing that we were returning the cars besok hari nya, and that congestion charge does not apply at night, we took the opportunity to drive around London town at night. Best decision made! :)

Bridge Tower at night. I prefer the day view though.
Buckingham Palace at night.

Okie dokie that's all for our day 6 in London (finally! after daysssss of drafting. heh). Another 2 more days in London to write about. Hope I get to wrap it up in one entry that's coming up next! :)

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