Thursday, 19 November 2015

Trip to Paris and London 2015 - Day 14 - London (finale! T_T)

24 September 2015 (Thursday)

So our trip has finally come to an end sobs. Our flight back was at 10pm but we had to check out from the apartment by 2pm. Its Hari Raya Aidil Adha day so we did give a thought of going to the Malaysian High Commission coz a friend who's staying there in London informed me that there'll be a celebration there. Tapiiii didn't think we will be able to make it coz we were rushing against time. So we decided to give it a miss.
The announcement on Hari Raya Aidil Adha celebration at the Malaysian High Comm.
Remember that all of us came to Europe separately? So going back also we were on different flights, different timing. MiL and SiLs made move early in the morning because their flight was, well, I can't remember at what time but pagi2 lagi la diorang dah kena gerak. And then, BiL and wife pulak gerak around 11am if I'm not mistaken. And then there were back to just the 5 of us - our little family and my mom.

Mama decided nak relaks2 je at the apartment whereas my 3Ks and I, we decided to take a stroll around for the very last time *heart-broken*. 
In the spirit of Hari Raya Haji, we had rendang too that morning for breakfast :)
Packed nutella and peanut butter sandwiches for kudap2an later. This was how I did every time we were out especially masa kat Disneyland. Letak the spread on the bread, cut into 4 bite-size portion and put back into the bread plastic packaging. Really helped masa tengah lapar sejuk2 especially when we had kids with us :)
Sunny cooling weather that day - just nice for a walk around the neighbourhood area.
The supermarket we frequent to for our food supply :) Located nearby the Queensway tube station, opposite Starbucks.
Taza kebab! Sedap pleaseeee.

The must-take-picture with: Red telephone booth and the Underground sign.. :D

Whiteleys - the mall so near to where we stayed at.
Common sight - bicycles for self-service rental. Pay-to-park based on the rate stated.

The Kensington Gardens was just nearby as well - so we headed there.

Squirrels and birds everywhereeee. Kids went cray cray. Hehehe.

At the lake neighboring the Hyde Park. So scenic! And there were so many swans, ducks, and birds around.
Nice chap gave 2Ks some bread to feed them animals.
The Mama-I-want-to-dip-myself-in-there-pleaaaase look haha.
Our pic taken by Khayr, photobombed by Kazim -____-"
Somebody just didn't want to let mama and abah took picture together without him in it ya? Heh.
Yup, no chance of taking picture just the 2 of us -___-"
The behind-the-scene of 2Ks mandatory pose can be seen in this picture hehehe.
Nasib baik Khayr dah pandai tolong snap kan some photos. We get to do a version of our pre-wedding photos :)
Right: Taman Metropolitan, Kepong. Circa 2009 
Left: Taman Kensington, 2015.
◕‿ ◕

Lepas dah penat jalan2, we went back home and ready to do our final packing, and eventually, left the apartment! Sobs. The host came to do the final inspection with us to ensure everything was in order and then came our ride to bring us to the airport. We purposely arranged for an early ride (3pm despite having a 10pm flight) because we didn't want to be in a hurry later at the airport. Plus, it's not like we got ample time to go anywhere within such a period of time.
Killing off time by posing while waiting for me to settle the VAT refund procedure. Ramaiiiii gila umat manusia! So we did the right thing to be at the airport early.

Lepas dah settle check in luggage and all, we had our very last picnic di bumi London. Haihhh sedih pulak bila type nih (haha poyo, I know :P). But syiok laa picnic kat sana. Weather was cooling so takde rasa rimas berpeluh ke apa.
While waiting for mama abah shopping at the duty free stores. Hihi.
Masa security clearance, omg strict gila kotttt. Khayr siap kena tahan and had to go another level of checking just because dalam poket dia ada 1 hotwheel car -____-". Mama siap kena bukak kasut bukak belt bukak jam. We took a while there before finally, boarding!

Suka sangat cerita Inside Out tu tauuu.. :D
Enjoying his nasi lemak.
Sempat snap a picture that reminded me of Khayr and my mom in 2013 when we were in flight to Melbourne :)
Alhamdulillah we reached safe and sound in one piece :) Welcome to Malaysia and welcome... jetlag!
Our ride home from airport was free! :) 1 for us and 1 for mama.
So okie dokie. That marks the end of my Europe travelogue. I'm happy I took the effort to write all this coz I'm sure yearsssss down the road, I'll get to look back and reminisce the memory all over again ♥  Never in my wildest dream I'd ever thought that I'll be able to travel to London and Paris, even more so with my loved ones! So I'm really thankful for the opportunity and rezeki granted by the Almighty.

Yeay done! I can move on to writing on other things happening in my life! Till next! :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Trip to Paris and London 2015 - Day 13 - London (Oxford Street and Harrods)

23 September 2015 (Wednesday)

It was our second last day in London *sobs*. We have covered alllll the places we wanted to cover so it was planned that today we were to spend time only at 2 places - Oxford Street and Harrods ₤_

In the morning my mom offered to take care of the 2Ks at the apartment and let us husband and wife do our shopping :) (I LOVE MY MOM SO VERY MUCH! ❤) coz the other day when we went to Oxford Street we had a hard time to shop having the 2Ks around at the same time. The in-laws pulak decided to go to the Camden Town. So that morning after breakfast mom+2Ks chilled at the apartment, me and hubs went to Oxford Street and in-laws went to Camden Town. We agreed to regroup at Harrods at noon.

Husband explaining to SiL on how to go to Camden Town

Me-time for us! :)
Lunch - we had a takeaways from the restaurant below our apartment (tak ingat nama restaurant! But kat area situ memang banyak options pun in terms of halal food :)). After did our shopping, tapau the food, and we went back to the apartment to have lunch together with my mom and 2Ks. After dah settle semua then only we made our move to Harrods.
Pose Kazim tidur in front of Harrods :)
Supermarket section in Harrods

At the Memorial of Diana Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed inside Harrods - level LG.

Beautiful lift!

The must-take picture when at Harrods :D
So impressive that they had a section specially made up in conjunction of the Hari Raya Aidil Adha. That's nice!
Laduree section was so spacious, empty and beautiful! So unlike the one in Paris.
So we (well, more like, me) had a repeat on the yummy macarons! :P (Ok fine, here's a confession. I accidentally have left the one we purchased at Champs Elysees the other day at our hotel fridge in Disneyland! *_* Not all as we have eaten some, I think ada 3-4 pieces left kot T_T)
Cravings satisfied :) Although the price in London is more ex than the one in Paris huhu..
I also bought the Walkers shortbread - the Princess Charlotte edition :)
Them having some tea while waiting for me and the others doing some souvenir shopping in Harrods and settling the VAT claim procedures.
2Ks mandatory pose in front of Harrods :)
Lepas dah settle kat Harrods, we, as in my little family have planned to bring 2Ks to Hamley's at the Oxford Street (kids need to shop too! hehe). And the 2 SiLs also wanted to have another go at Oxford Street. BiL and wife wanted to just jalan2 free and easy. The 2 mothers pulak said they rather stay at the apartment, packing and just resting. So all of us did just that. Berpecah la kami ikut haluan dan selera masing2 :)

Muka happy dapat masuk in their own world of heaven :) They made us promise to bring them to all the 5 levels. Haha. Hubs took that one big Hamley's bag and told the kids they can put whatever toys they wanted but in the end they were allowed to buy only 3 toys each. Aiyo not sure whether that's a wise move but hubs said the kids will learn some lessons from that - main one: they needed to know that they cannot have it all in life, gitu :D Aye aye husband!
With the royal families in Hamley's :)

Sampai terteleng2 kepala 2Ks tengok abah main kereta control tu. Hehe. The heeeeuge toy store is so hip and happening! The staff were all very kids-friendly and there were SO many toys! I wasn't sure how the heck the kids gonna choose just 3 toys from all the 5 levels filled with toys :D
It's time to take out all the toys from the bag for final selection! LOL.
Hubs probably said - "Choose wisely, kids".. :D
Kazim's negotiation skill.. HAHAHAHA :D The elder brother was more calm and composed (but who knows what went through his mind kan.. haha.. muka masam semacam je tu..:P)

Abah dah pening kepala dah tengok anak2 confused taktau nak pilih mana satu...
All's good in the end. Happy kids happy parents ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

Lepas dah settle kat Hamley's, we continued jalan2 kat Oxford Street and did some more shopping before calling it a day. We had to go back to apartment coz there's packing needed to be done! Uwaaaaa masa ni tiba2 rasa gosh how come time passed by so fast... *sigh*
That night - sorting out 'kuih raya' sempena Hari Raya Haji besoknye. Hehe. The white chocolate & macademia is to-die-for!
Laying out alllll the items for hubs to pack. Hihi. That's his area of expertise so I left it all to him on how to fit everything into the luggage we had :)

Okie dokie, that's all for day 13. I wanted to include day 14 the finale into this entry as well but I thought our final day there deserves an entry of its own. So, till next!