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Trip to Paris and London... Day 9 - London (Shrek, Sealife Aquarium, London Eye, London Bridge, Borough Market, Tower Bridge)

19 September 2015 (Saturday)

Because we were with kids so we made a point to include kids-related places in our itinerary. So day 3 in London (Day 9 of the whole trip) went like this:

Breakfast at apartment - Took a tube to Shrek's Adventure - Sealife London Aquarium - Lunch at the park nearby London Eye - Took a bus to the Tower Bridge and walked to London Bridge, Tower Hill and Borough Market - Took tube back to Bayswater - Playground at Kensington Gardens - Dinner at apartment.

It was a beautiful Saturday weather 
Sambil prepare breakfast sambil tu prepare nasi goreng cina to pack for picnic lunch later :)
In front of our apartment, waiting for bus. Sudahnye kitorang naik cab sebab dah lambat! Heh. (Shrek's Adventure tu ada timing dia. We had to be there by 10.30am). Baju Cars and Planes beli kat Sports Direct harga 3 pound each :) 2Ks nampak dalam plastic bag terus menggeletis nak pakai.
Shrek's Adventure ni tempat dia is located betul2 dekat London Eye tu. Sealife London Aquarium also located within the same area.
Shrek's Adventure ni menarik, but I think this place is more suitable for kids aged 6yo and above kot. Sebab dia macam adventure through story telling macam tu. But overall, still menarik because the whole experience was so interactive especially the 4D bus ride. The only bummer was - pictures were not allowed to be taken inside. Boohoo. Marketing baekkkk punya sebab dia ada ambekkan gambar. So harus lahhh lepas tu we were given the option whether nak beli gambar tu ke tak kannnn. Harga pulak 30 per 'travel journal' -____-"
Shrek awaits at the end of the tour :)

At the end of the tour there was this area with some other characters for us to take photo with. Kids were so happy especially with the Madagascar character and How to Train Your Dragon.

The Travel Journal we felt the need to buy for remembrance sake.
Muka Kazim banyak masam dalam gambar2 because dalam tu gelap. And he's scared of dark. Poor boi.
Back outside - happy with his ginger-man cookie :)
Taking a breather before continued to the Sealife London Aquarium. We purchased the 2 in 1 ticket combo so dapat discounted price. Dia macam ada few combos option, you can check out the website for more details.

Sealife London Aquarium ni, I think you can skip if you want. Because its like the bigger version (but of course much much better) of our Aquaria. I've been to the Sentosa Island Sea Aquarium, I think the London's one is as big, if not bigger. But we had fun nevertheless coz the kids had fun - that's more important. Which is the reason why we decided not to include Madame Tussaud in our itinerary. We know kids won't appreciate it. We learnt our lessons from our experience of going to Penang Interactive Museum - the kids banyak kena marah coz its not like they wanted to pose so they got bored so they started to run here and there and we parents got frustrated sebab kami sebok nak bergambar anak2 lari berkeliaran -___-" So we foresee the same thing will happen if we were to go to Madame Tussaud. Takpe lahh, wax je pun kan, bukan orang betul (sedapkan hati....).

Kids paling suka bila nampak Nemo and Dory.

Kemain relax lagi Khayr tried Hurricane Simulator ni dengan abah dia.. Hehe.
Left: Mama with the Big Ben and House of Parliament in the background. Right: Khayr with London Eye. Kitorang tak naik pun London Eye tu. Cukup having to get to see it in front of us (mak gayat please! :))
Nearby London Eye area tu ada this one park of which the name I didn't take note of. We had our lunch there and then let kids had their time playing at the huuuuge playground. They were more than happy ! :)

Left: You can see Kazim was so itchy already to chase after the bird. Right: True enough. Hehe.
Beautiful London Eye with beautiful blue sky 
Lepas kids dah puas main (well, ok kids can never had enough of playground - so it was more of lepas kitorang dah puas tengok kids main kat playground :P), we made our move to the Tower Bridge by bus. I loooooove to see Tower Bridge. So cantik!
Kids muka baru bangun tidur. Hehe.
So beautiful kan? London Tower Bridge that's always being mistakenly thought as London Bridge.
Next - London Bridge! So-so je rupanya rupa London Bridge nih.. heh. Lagu punye la famous.. :) BiL's SiL cerita asal usul lagu London Bridge is falling down tu. Alkisahnya orang US nak beli 'London Bridge' so 'London Bridge' tu pun dirobohkan sebab nak build kat US. Bila dah being built they felt cheated sebab apekahhhh begini je rupanya London Bridge tu takde tower just bridge bodo semata. Rupa2 nya diorang sendiri salah cakap patutnya they meant to buy the London Tower Bridge tu.
Ini lah diaaa rupa London Bridge tu. So kat US ada satu. Yang kat London ni kiranya 2nd version lah, being re-built again after US dah beli yang 'asal'.
Walaupun rupa nya biasa-biasa aja, marilah bergambar untuk bukti been there done that. Hehe.
Patutnye lepas tu nak pergi Borough Market. Sekaliiii macam malas pulak sebab dah penat. Hehe. So lalu ambek gambar je macam ni :P

Balik ke area Bayswater naik tube, and singgah kat Kensington Gardens to go to the huge The Diana, Prince of Wales Memorial Playground. Best nye the playground! Siap ada kawasan berpasir and kolam air for kids to play but kesian Khayr Kazim terpaksa tengok je sebab mama diorang rimas nak kasik diorang berkotor2an without proper attire. Hehe.

Playground tu tutup pukul 7pm if not mistaken so that was our cue to go back. Balik kemas2 apartment and re-arrange stuff because the next day its gonna be full house!
Malam tu dinner maggi goreng ala mamak style letak ready-to-eat sausage that my mom brought. She saw the promo in Nona or something, and the sausages can be found at Giant (not sure whether available at other supermarket or not).

Okie dokie, that's all for Day 9. Day 10 to come up next! :)

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