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Trip to Paris and London... Day 8 - London (Buckingham Palace, St James Park, HRC, and National History Museum)

18 September 2015 (Friday)

So the summary of our day 2 in London went like this:

Breakfast at apartment – Took bus to Hyde Park Corner and walk to Buckingham Palace – Watch the change of guards ceremony – Lunch at St James Park – Hard Rock Cafe London – National History Museum – Dinner at my BiL’s SiL’s house.

Healthy breakfast to start the day,  nyams! Hasil terkial2 kat Sainsbury's the day before hehe.
At the bus stop near Queensway. Kids being so chirpy in the morning.

Sampai2 tu there's a park at the start of the path to Buckingham Palace. We waited there while hubs went to the Malaysian Embassy (located nearby at the Hyde Park Corner bus stop) to pack some food for lunch later.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Walk

For the month of October, the changing of guards ceremony happened every other day, i.e. on the even dates. Started at 11.30am and by the time we reached (which was around 10.45am), the place was already so crowded! Changing of guard is the ceremony where the old guards hand over responsibilities for protecting Buckingham Palace and St. James Palace to the new guards.
You can decide to crowd at either one of the two spots to get the best view - next to the railings as seen in this picture to watch the changing of guard ceremony itself. Or along the side of the path leading to the Palace where you can see the guards marching in.

We chose to wait at the spot by the path leading to the Palace (sebok je orang belakang tu nak bergambar sama. Heh).

Panoramic view during the change of guard ceremony. Crowded ya amat huhu. So as you can see, while the guards were marching in, those who waited at the railings won't be able to see. Likewise when the guards were inside the Palace compound, those waited at the side of the path won't be able to see as well.

Unless of course, if you have sang suami yang gagah perkasa :D (Can you spot me?)

My 2K's were so excited to get to take pictures with the policemen (we didn't have the chance to take pics with the guards though).

Pose Kazim tidur in front of the Buckingham Palace after the ceremony ended.

After that we went to St James Park to have our lunch - Malaysian food tapau-ed from the Malaysian Embassy. Nyams!!

Lepas lunch we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe to buy some souvenirs. One of the must-haves - the fridge magnet. So cute, me likey!

After spending some time at HRC, we then when back to the Palace to meet with my MiL and SiLs to pass some of our food ration (hehe coz theirs were finishing and they needed some bantuan :D). 

By then, it was a gloomy weather with some drizzles.
2K's pose, in front of the not-so-crowded-anymore Buckingham Palace.

the Panoramic view.
Our itinerary next was to go to the Natural History Museum. We took a cab to go there sebab my in-laws wanted to join as well (they decided to abandon their tour group LOL) and they didn't have the Oyster cards to take tube or bus.

Such huge, cool, educational museum! I never thought that I will ever say that I'm enjoying a trip to a museum. I wished we had more time to spend there as there were few Zones to cover - Blue Zone (Dinosaurs, Mammals, and the like), Red Zone (Earth sculpture), Green Zone (Planet's evolution), and Orange Zone (Darwin centre and wildlife garden). We managed to cover only Blue Zone and Orange Zone je.

Cheeky boys - happy with their new dinos.
We then went to the Lancaster Gate tube station as my BiL's SiL is staying there. So she and the husband hosted a dinner for us that night.

Fresh salmon so nyummy!
Alhamdulillah, dapat makan kari kepala salmon, grilled salmon, and... sayur! Lama tak jumpe sayur! :D
Had a good meal, and a good catch-up on everyone's travelling stories so far. And it was so irony that we found out actually during the change of guard ceremony earlier today, everyone was there! Cuma spot masing2 lain2, so tak berjumpa :) Lepas makan semua pulang ke tempat masing2 :D Yes we were together in London but separated ikut activity / plan masing2..

There was a Malaysian night on that day at the Trafalgar Square - my BiL and wife actually went earlier and they said its sooooo nice to see so many Malaysian food stalls (nevermind the price they charged, heh). My friend, Zue, was there too and we thought we can meet up or something, but hubs said that "nak laksa / satay / [insert all the Malaysian delicacies], kat KL pun ada... Lain la kalau kita memang duduk sini belajar/kerja sini dah lama tak balik Malaysia".. :D Fine, point taken (and kinda made sense too).

Okie dokie, that's all about our adventure on day 2 in London! Till the next entry.... :)

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