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Trip to Paris and London... Day 7 - London (Oxford St, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben & other nearby tourist places)

Our itinerary in London
So we finally reached London, Alhamdulillah. We reached at night on 16 September 2015, from Disneyland Paris by euro train. Malam tu sampai2 memang tak keluar pun, from St Pancras train station we took a cab straight to our apartment. And then we just get settled down at our apartment and made ourselves at home sebab we had 8 days to spend in London :) Barang memang semua kasi un-packed siap2, buat laundry, and re-arranged furniture to make ourselves comfortable.
We stayed at Westbourne Grove, near Bayswater - booked through FB page London Homestay MY Nice apartment (2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, and a huge kitchen!), located near to tube station, bus station, halal eateries and halal grocery shop, shopping mall (Whiteleys), park (Kensington Gardens & Hyde park), and the Malaysian Hall. Most important, it can fit for 10 pax (I mean, tak semua dapat katil lah, but its a place that can cater for 10pax by way of spacing and availability of extra tilam untuk bentang kat ruang tamu). Masa awal2 ni there were just the 5 of us (3Ks and I, and my mom) as the others were still on their own tour.
Sampai2 terus susun food stock juga hehe.
17 September 2016 (Thursday)

Ok this is like the 10th entry for my travelogue to Paris and London, macam dah tak larat pulak nak type panjang2 hoho. So for our first day in London, I'll just sum it up followed with photos ya :)

It was more of us playing tourist, so here goes.

Breakfast - Walked to Queensway tube station to buy Oyster card (we bought for 7 days usage - very worth it can use to take tube and bus as well) and pick up some brochures -  Took tube to Marble Arch to go to Oxford Street (Primark, Mothercare, etc) - Walked to Piccadilly Circus (Sports Direct at Lillywhites) - Walked to Trafalgar Square - Lunch - Big Ben - Palace of Westminster - Westminster Abbey - View of London Eye - Dinner at apartment.
In spirit of the Malaysia day, we had nasi impit, rendang ayam, kuah kacang and serunding for breakfast, sambil layan Upin & Ipin. Malaysian much :)
Super lovely weather! 
It felt super nice not to have to put few layers extra :)
The nice kebab place in Bayswater - Taza.
We packed some shawarmas and rice for lunch later from Taza (ranging from ₤ 3.50 ~ ₤ 4.50). Sedap sangat! (ok now I'm drooling as I'm typing this..)
Duit banyak habis kat sini -____-"
Was made to pose here tanpa mengerti tempat apekah Hamleys ini haha.
2Ks did their mandatory pose at Trafalgar Square.
We had our lunch here at the Trafalgar Square. Kat tepi tu ada toilet. So it was quite convenient jugak lepak sini :) Cooling weather and the 2Ks get to chase the birds.
Activity burning calories diteruskan hehe. I think owing to the nice cooling weather, walking around from one place to another was made possible.
Big Ben and House of Parliament.
At the Westminster Bridge, overlooking Thames river and London Eye.
Found out that the in-laws (MiL and SiLs) were nearby.
Happy faces. A quick catch-up before they joined back their tour group :)
Panoramic view at the Piccadilly Circus in front of Lillywhites. Masa ni my mom and I were going crazy at the Sports Direct. Shopping baju for 2Ks and also for my nieces :) Hubs and kids tunggu kat luar sebab Kazim was having his nap.
Khayr at the Piccadilly Circus, with the Shaftesbury memorial foutain and the huge video display on the corner building as his background - something that Piccadilly Circus is known for.

Some asked us, bawak satu stroller, the 2K's tak berebut ke? -___-" Mana mungkinnnnn. Heh. Tapi nak buat macamana. Before coming to Paris and London we knew that we will be struggling if we were to bring 2 strollers especially kat Paris yang tidak stroller friendly itu. London's tube also depends on the stations. Some stations ada lift some nan ado.

Ni taktau acara apa, change of guard? Masa ni kat area Westminster. Nak sebok jugak so panjat pagar dengan Khayr hehehe. Ada guards with horses inside there.

Women and their daily battle *flex biceps*

Kat London supermarket / convenient store yang merata2 we saw is Sainsbury's. And there was one nearby our apartment as well. Masa ni hubs and the kids tengah tunggu my mom and I did some groceries shopping at the end of our day 1 before calling it a day. Diorang tanye apesal lama sangat kitorang kat dalam tu? Heh, first time experience self-service kat convenient store, mana tak lama kan :D Mama and I were like so lost haha. Nasib baik laaa ada orang tolong kitorang macamana nak scan barang sendiri, masukkan dalam plastic bag, and made the payment. It was such a scene tengok kami terkial2 kat kaunter haha. What an experience.

Okie dokie that's all for now. To be continued....

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