Thursday, 15 October 2015

Trip to Paris and London... Day 6 - Disneyland Paris (finale) and hello London! :)

16 September 2015 (Wednesday)

So it was our last day to spend at Disneyland Paris huuuuu T_T
View from our room at Adagio Marne-la-Vallee Val d'Europe
Woke up, had breakfast, packing, and it was time to check out! ☹ Our next destination was London, so we have booked in advance the euro train from Disneyland Paris to London at 3.52pm, with a transit at Lille Europe (coz its cheaper instead of taking the direct train to London). We purposely chose to depart from the Disneyland Paris station, namely Marne-la-Vallee station so that we can still spend at least half a day there at the Disneyland because our parks tickets were for 3 days. Rugi la kan kalau tak fully utilise the tickets.

It was quite disappointing to find out that it was a wet day in Disneyland that day ☂ (I took comfort in the fact that at least we had a good previous 2-days with the sunshine.. Yes, I was VERY thankful for that!)


So that morning we called for a cab to bring us to Disneyland instead of going by the shuttle bus, sebab we were with big luggage. And we went to the train station first to store our luggage. Ok, first thing first, the train station was so HUGE. And for-God-knows-what-reason we were SO lost when we first got there. Sigh.

Gloomy day + having to manage the few big luggage we had +  feeling lost = hubs got a bit moody that immediately infected me as well huhu. So kitorang tak tangkap banyak gambar kat train station tu pun :( And bertambah moody sebab omg tempat nak letak luggage dia is so jauh and so confusing please. I didn't take note pun on how much was the rental but yeah they had the lockers area to store even for the big-sized luggage.

Lepas dah settle with the luggage we then made move to Disneyland. (train station is located depan Disneyland entrance tu je - can go just by walking). Masa tu my mom said she didn't want to go through the rain so she said she'd rather wait for us at the train station. She just wanna chill at the cafe there. So hubs suggested why not we left the backpack that he was carrying and my handbag with her so that we can skip the Q to get into the Disneyland - and we did just that. Best.decision.everrrrr coz long Q + rain = bad combo!

We went to Walt Disney Studios first for the meet and greet with 2K's favourite - the Buzz Lightyear. Beratur la kami dalam hujan and thank God the Q was bearable. And it was such a priceless moment to see 2K's reaction when they saw Buzz came into life! ◕‿◕

Kazim gasping in awe :)

Happy kids, happy parents! 

Next - kids wanted to play the Cars quatre roues rallye again.

Happy dapat tangkap gambar with McQueen and Mater!

Masih tak move on, again another pic with Buzz although it was the still one. Hehe.

Venting frustration at the scream-O-meter hehehe.

Because we did not have much time, we made move to the Disneyland Park not long after. We planned to cover the Fantasyland and Discoveryland. Speaking of which, Its a Small World was closed for renovation!!! Bummer! And I wanted to go to the meet and greet with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, but kids were not so keen. Sheeshhh. To them Disney characters is all about those characters from stories during their time - Cars, Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Inside Out and the like. :)

Again, tak banyak pics taken as it was raining so it was quite a hassle to take out the phone/camera to take pics.
This ride was such a hit to the 2ks! They got to drive the car on their own 

Happy faces :)

Ok I had to switch places with Kazim as he didn't know how to maneuver the car.

After covering few rides and did our final souvenir shopping, it was time to bid farewell to Disneyland... *heart-break*

We asked a random passerby to help to snap a photo of us with the 'See You Soon' pintu gerbang behind us tu. We even pose in such a way that 'See You Soon' will be in between us tapiiiii... hmmm hasil tak seperti yang diharapkan. Hoho. Oh well.
Back at the train station.
Drenched wet but happy to pose with their final shopping item :)
Our euro train tix
Took our luggage, got changed (as we were quite drenched in rain), and all settled down waiting for our train. We had some croissants and doughnuts while waiting for our train. We were supposed to depart at 3.52pm but it got delayed a bit to 4.20pm I think.

Ok masa ni tengah kelam kabut gila sebab ingat kan train tu macam tunggu lama rupanya cepat! We were still lost as to how to find which one was our coach but we were so lucky that the moment hubs put the last luggage, the train moved! Itu pun we simply entered into one of the coaches sebab seriously tak tau pun which one was ours. Dengan nak manage the luggage lagi, the kids lagi. Haihhh. I thought they will have that train officer (or whatever he is called) on standby there to help out but no one was at sight. And also, I found out that travelling with luggage yang banyak using euro train was a bit troublesome sebab tempat nak letak luggage tu kecik je area nya. Susah gila nak letak barang when others had to put theirs too.

Kids entertained themselves with chocolates and toys from their backpacks.
At the Lille Euro stop.
Ok kat sini another unpleasant experience encountered. Haihh ntah kenapa ntah lady luck was not at our side that day. Lepas satu, satu... Sobs. Well the train was delayed at the Marne la Vallee station kan. So turned out we have missed our train for the second leg; i.e. from Lille Europe to St Pancras! Omg, a moment of panic. Lepas cakap2 dengan orang kat kaunter tu, phew, nasib baik dia cakap we can still board the next train that was coming without having to purchase a new ticket. Kali ni, kitorang tanye betul2 kat mana nak tunggu untuk ke coach kitorang.

Bye2 Sleeping Beauty, hello Kate Middleton! :)

Snapping some pictures while waiting to board the next train to London.

Oh by the way kat sini we took a while at the immigration counter. Ntah kenapa ntah the officer being so particular and hard with us. Sigh. Cakap kasar2 pulak tu. Procedure dia macam sama time nak naik plane kat airport - kena scan bag and lalu immigration and security check.

Dah masuk, letak bag, baru boleh tarik nafas lega and had our late lunch.

Nyamsss. Roti and Ramli burger beef patty have never tasted this good! :P

Check out the speed yaw! Masa lalu undersea tunnel tu rasa suspense jugak. Gelap je la tak nampak apa and its like telinga rasa ada bubble to pop because of the different pressure.
Reached London safe and sound! Weeeee.
All tired already, tengah tunggu cab nak pergi our apartment in London.
Ok habes sudah travelogue di Paris. Felt to happy to finally be given the opportunity and rezeki to go to Paris, especially the Disneyland :) My childhood dream finally came true... 

Coming up next - London trip! To be continued.....

Ps. Thanks to those who have contacted me and let me know that you enjoyed reading my entries so far - really appreciate it :) Made me feel so moved to keep on documenting our travel journey in these 2 Europe countries 


  1. walaupun tak tau bila rezeki nak pegi, tetap berharap nak pegi jugak one day
    lama tak baca blog u tengok2 dah besar your handsome boys :)

    keep on blogging orait!

  2. f.i.e.z.a - kannn.. time flies! :)