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Trip to Paris and London... Day 5 - Disneyland Paris

15 September 2015 (Tuesday)

It's our day 5 in Paris, and day 2 in Disneyland 

So today kitorang plan betul2 nak pergi mana.

Pening jugak sebab certain tempat dia ada timing2 dia. Meet and greet with characters ada yang kat Walt Disney Studios, ada yang kat Disneyland Park. In the end kitorang decided to do the meet and greet tomorrow. So harini focus on rides and shows je.

Kat Walt Disney Studios ada Production Courtyard, Backlot, Toon Studio, and Front Lot.


Kat Disneyland Park ada Adventureland, Frontierland, Main Streets USA, Fantasyland and Discoveryland.

Tips untuk decide which rides to go to (tapiiii macam semuaaaa je nak kena pergi. heh.) Main criteria for us when deciding - 'Fun with little ones' and 'Not to be missed'.
And dekat setiap ride tu ada remarks whether need minimum height requirement ke tak, sesuai untuk ibu mengandung ke tak, boleh utilise Fast Pass ke, etc.

While waiting for our shuttle bus - kids doing the final check on their backpack :D Chocolates ✔ Biscuits ✔ Sweets ✔ Toys  
Today they dressed up in Woody and Buzz Ts :)
Alhamdulillah for the beautiful weather 
Tengah Q at the entrance to get the bag checked.
Like the day before, we headed to the Walt Disney Studios first.
Stunt Show ni ada dua kali je dalam sehari - at 11.15am and another one at 2.15pm. We went for the morning show sebab belah petang nak pergi Disneyland Park pulak. Kids muka annoyed mama diorang suruh bergambar padahal diorang dah excited nak tengok character kesayangan si McQueen tuh.. Hehe.
View from where we seat (free seating). 
Ka-Chow! Masa ni Khayr Kazim excited sangat. And thank God kitorang duduk second row from depan sekali so masa McQueen lalu kat jalan depan audience tu we had such a superb view!

Nice show! About 40-minutes of car-based actions and stunts show. 2Ks love it! ★ ☆ ✮★ ☆ ✮★ 
Mr and Mrs Incredible roaming around. Sexy butts yaw! Hehehe.

Lepas habes Stunt Show tu we planned to go Meet the Spiderman. Sebab tempat dia dekat je dengan Stunt Show punye tempat. Sekali tengok Q panjang sangat plus its Kazim's nap time sebab dah pukul 12 tengahari lebih. So lepas dah beratur kejap we decided to pass. 
Next: Studio Tram Tour.

Masa mula2 naik the tram tu ingat kan tram bodo2 je jalan2 tengok view around. Rupa2 nya it brought us to some behind the scene movie making with special effects being put in to place for us to konon2 experience sama. Awesome! Khayr duduk tepi sekali so dia ada sedikit basah lepas tu haha. Ada ambek video but tak transfer lagi its taken using the Samsung Galaxy camera.

Kejappp je time passes by, tau2 its already lunch time. Huhu. We planned to go to the CinéMagique next and kebetulan dekat2 situ ada this one shaded area with benches maka we made ourselves comfortable kat situ to have our lunch :)

Lunch: Brahim's nasi goreng ayam.. Sedap! Pack siap2 dalam plastic kecik2 and bawak sudu plastic. Konsep makan-dan-buang, very hassle free. We also brought along sambal bilis and serunding as additional dishes.
Masa tengah makan2 ni nampak the Incredibles lalu lagi.

Found these pictures in hubs phone with me being so engrossed with the map. Haha. Planning is key!
In the CinéMagique.
By this time it was already almost 3pm++ and to be honest with kids and all, our energy has drained a bit. So we slowed down and took our own sweet time nak berjalan from the Walt Disney Studios to the Disneyland Park.

Masuk2 Disneyland Park, we decided to rent one stroller for Khayr since we only brought one. Rental dia €15 - can use for the whole day. Settle kan that one then we were contemplating on whether or not to watch the parade again. Sebab we knew it if the moment we were to go pass the Sleeping Beautiful Castle to the other side for the rides, it will be a hassle to come back to the Main Street for the parade, and then lepas tu pergi balik to continue with he rides. It will be a ding-dong journey, satu kerja pulak nak patah2 balik kan. And we knew for sure that we didn't want to give the parade a miss! So we just went to chillax at one of the cafes there having our croissant and hot drinks :) Before that we went to hop from one souvenir shop to another located along the Main Street tu and settlekan our souvenir shopping dues.

Pukul 4pm orang dah chop2 tempat! Maka kami pon turut serta berkiasu sama2. Kali ni dapat duduk betul2 tepi jalan :) Oh by the way check out the rented stroller - I also can sit on it ok. Hehe tapi hazab sikit lah untuk siapa yang menolak :D

Killing time by taking some photos together ◕‿◕

The parade, although it was our second day watching it, still gave the same excitement as if it was our first ツ And I made it a point to just enjoy the moment instead of getting busy with snapping away pictures and videos, which I did just that. Untillll I saw this oh-so-handsome-sama-handsome-macam-dalam-cartoon Flynn Rider! Hehehe.

Dah habis parade we went to some of the rides we planned to take. Oh speaking of Fast Pass earlier, the park tickets can be converted to a Fast Pass (depending on whether the ride ada option to use Fast Pass or not lah).

Contoh macam ride Peter Pan's Flight ni - ada remarks tak sesuai untuk pregnant woman and also ada Fast Pass option (FP).
Tapi tu lah, is it just us or what but we felt that FP ni takde lah best sangat function dia. Like, tak special mana. Sebab kata kan Peter Pan's Flight tu ada FP option, so what we had to do is pergi kiosk FP dia which is located there at the ride place itself and get our park ticket scanned and a FP ticket was issued to us.
We were there at 1.25pm (as stamped at the bottom part of our FP ticket) but we can only utilise the FP between 1.55pm to 2.25pm. No doubt nanti between 1.55pm to 2.25pm tu we can escape the queue but its like there's half an hour waiting time before we can actually use the FP. And during that half an hour tu nak buat apa? Nak beratur kat rides lain ntah sempat ntah tidak, nak tunggu je macam such a waste of time (banyak rides nak cover nih! planning.. planning.. haha) and bear in mind within such 1.55pm and 2.25pm tu kita tak boleh apply FP on other rides. So we really felt the usage of FP can be quite tricky. Hmmm.

Anyways. We went to the rides of 2K's choices and among others they chose these Mad Hatter's Tea Cups and again, the Carousel and the Flying Dumbo. Heh.

Kali ni mama redho kena naik tinggi dengan Khayr sebab Kazim nak naik dengan Tok Ma dia huhu.

And thennnnn the next thing we know its already 7pm! Which meanssss its time to be kiasu again to chop tempat for the night performance! Haha. Ye, night performance yang hanya akan start pukul 9.30pm itu but people dah start chop tempat as early as 7pm.
See, pukul 7pm punnn tak dapat first row okeyyyy -____-"
Lucky us Tok Ma said dia tak larat nak jalan2 so she wouldn't mind to guard for our place (awww thank you Ma!! ღ). And we used the 2 strollers to mark our 'territory' :) So while Tok Ma tolong jaga tempat, my 3Ks and I continued touring the ever hugeeee Disneyland Park.

2K's signature pose with the Sleeping Beauty Castle as the background 
We went to the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and really had a blast :)

And then we went to the souvenir shop kat situ pulak and of courseee lepas main tembak2 2Ks demanded for the Buzz Lightyear punye benda alah tembak2 tu. Heh.

Back at the Sleeping Beauty Castle waiting for the night performance to start :)
Again, our timing lapse with my BiL and his wife so we arranged to meet up during the night performance. They managed to cover all rides in both parks within one day!! (but they gave it a miss for the evening parade lah).
Dinner was finishing the nasi goreng we brought earlier, along with other snacks we brought like the nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, biscuits, popcorn and chocolates. We had those while waiting for the performance to start. And similar like the evening parade, this 2nd day of watching the night lasers and firework performance still gave us the same excitement as if it was our first. And we didn't take that many picture as we wanted to enjoy the very moment right before our own eyes. Such lovely, beautiful night ☾.

Lepas habis night performance, macam the day before, we went back by cab instead of by the free shuttle due to the crowd after the parks closed and the performance ended....

The next day will be our last day in Disneyland (rasa macam 3 hari tak cukup!!! heh.) before making move to... London!

To be continued...

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