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Trip to Paris and London... Day 4 - Disneyland Paris (continued)

14 September 2015 (Monday)

This is the continuation from the previous entry.

So finally we reached my childhood dream destination! ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Felt so SO surreal to finally get to step in at Disneyland not only by myself, but with my loved ones too.

Ok I did do some reading beforehand about Disneyland Paris but you know lah, until you are there yourself then only everything makes sense to you. Indeed, the place is SUPER HUGE! 

There are two parks - Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park. Walt Disney Studios, as the name suggests, is a park where they give all those behind-the-scenes kind of shows / rides. Disneyland Park pulak ada 5 different lands (areas) - Adventureland, Frontierland, Main Street USA, Fantasyland, and Discoveryland. Both parks require tickets and you can go in and out of both parks throughout the day banyak2 kali as you wish. Every time you re-enter you still have to get your tickets scanned the same way when you first entered the park. Both parks opening hour is at 10am (except if you stay at the Disneyland Hotel you get to enter at 8am!). For Walt Disney Studios, it closes at 6pm on weekdays / 9pm on weekend; and for Disneyland Park it closes at 9pm on weekdays / 10pm on weekend. (*Timing may be different depending on your travel dates*). There are 2 main events happening in Disneyland Paris - the Disney Magic on Parade and the Night Time Spectacular Show (lasers and fireworks show) and both events take place at the Disneyland Park. So, in terms of planning, its recommended to go to the Walt Disney Studios first and end the day at Disneyland Park (unless if your strategy is to take advantage of masa takde orang kat rides because semua orang pun tengah berkumpul nak tengok Parade / Night Show).

Anyways, speaking of planning, yessss to fully enjoy Disneyland Paris is to have a proper planning! 
-__-" And we should have printed the programme leaflet from the website before coming!

Ok sampai2 Disneyland at the main entrance they did the security check dulu. Masa ni tak payah tunjuk tiket lagi. Masa ni kena letak bag to be scanned. Best if you come without bags at all (even a handbag) because there's a line for those without bags - cepat je terus dapat masuk (but seriously? How la to come without at least a handbag? -__-"). Security check was more to ensure that you do not have any dangerous items with you, and they were very flexi with food. Tak kesah pun nak bawak masuk nasi goreng air masak bagai. Which is good ✔ :)

Dah lepas security check then baru you decide which park to go first - to the left is the Walt Disney Studios and to the right in the Disneyland Park. Jarak between the two parks is quite jauh jugak lah, plus the rides and all are actually located further deep in from the entrance (so sebenarnya to keluar from one park and masuk to another park banyak2 kali in one day adalah tidak digalakkan sebabbbb penat kotttt heh). So as recommended, we went to the Walt Disney Studios first :)

Masuk2 terus ambek programme leaflets and map dulu.

Banyak nye nak kena baca and pahamkannnn -_____-" (lunyai sudahhh map serta leaflets ku itu hihi)

Because we felt so overwhelmed with the amount of information we need to load in, we decided to just walk aimlessly dulu around the Walt Disney Studios knowing that we have one full day the next day and half a day the day after :)

We went to the kids' favourite character first - to the Toy Story Play Land! First ride - the slinky dog zig zag spin :)
Was surprised at the kids' patience in queuing for their turn. Good job boys!


Masa ni Kazim mengamuk nak naik lagi. Hehe.

To infinity.. and beyond!
Then we passed by another Disney characters of 2Ks favourite - from Cars.
Waiting for their turn at Cars quatre roues rallye
Happy face knowing that its his turn next :)

Ok mak peningggg naik bende alah ni but the 3Ks enjoyed it (ye, abah pon enjoyed hehehe).

Posing posing.

Such a bummer that the Crush's coaster was closed for renovation :((((

At the Monsters Inc's place.

Testing their scream-O-meters :D

Because it was already 4.30pm or so, and knowing that the Disney Parade was to start at 5.30pm we quickly made move to the Disneyland Park.

One for the album - happy tears! (to be honest, I had so many happy-tears moments throughout my days in Disneyland :P)
Masuk2 Disneyland Park, it'll bring you to the Main Street USA. Along the street ada banyak kedai2 souvenirs. And it is at this Main Street the Disney Parade was to take place. At 5pm macam tu ramai dah orang chop2 tempat tepi2 tu. We reached around 4.45pm macam tu, and were lucky to still found a good spot. I did ask the staff there, they said some came to chop tempat as early as 4pm! Oh by the way bayangkan punye lah besar the Disneyland Park is, masa masuk the park kat Main Street ni, the Sleeping Beauty castle is nunnnn jauh di sana sayup2 mata memandang. And all the rides are located behind that castle! Heh. Memang tempat ni tempat exercise yang bagus. Hahaha.

Lepak tunggu Parade starts sambil makan nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, and some snacks that we brought in.
Dekat foyer belakang tempat kitorang lepak ni ada water cooler machine so we kept on replenishing our H2O from there. Sekaliiii malam tu semua sakit tekak batuk2. Lesson learnt. Huhu.
'Magic Everywhere' song was put on blast and we can see the parade dah nak start! Weeeee!

The parade started with the appearance of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather - Sleeping Beauty's fairy godmothers!

Snow White and tailgating behind was Frozen - Elsa, Anna and Olaf!
Alice in Wonderland! (ok please excuse my so-many exclamation marks - I was that excited! and still is! :P)
2K's favourite! They were so excited to see the Toy Story casts :)
Beautiful parade with beautiful sky 
Mickey Mouse and the gang, its my turn to scream in excitement! Hehehe.
Tamat sudahhhh. Banyak lagi gambar sebenarnya but jenuh jugak la kannn if nak upload semua hehe.
Continuing our journey to the Disneyland Park.
2Ks signature pose :)

Semacam tak puasssss bergambar berbackground kan the Sleeping Beauty Castle tu! Hehehe.

Tempat the Sword in the Stone.

The Flying Dumbo! Sorry Kazim, naik dengan mama memang tak dapat laaa nak naik tinggi2 macam abah and abang Khayr kat belakang tuh hoho.

View of this one (tiny) part of the Disneyland Park, while riding the Flying Dumbo :)

Kazim happy dapat pau a huge Mickey Mouse case filled with hot popcorn! Thank you Kazim, you did a good job, mama pun dapat makan sama hehehe.

Waiting for their turn to naik the carousel.

Si pelapar. Dah makan roti, popcorn, and now hotdog (brought from KL).

The night show starts at 9.30pm rupa2 nya orang chop tempat as early as 7pm!!!
Kitorang datang dalam pukul 8.30pm, dah penuh dahhh depan2 tu.
Duduk menunggu selama 1 jam lebih. But its all worth it! Yang tak best duduk belakang2 ni bila show dah start rupanya orang yang duduk tengah2 diorang semua akan berdiri. So kita pun kena berdiri samaaaa. Tak best sangat for someone who is, well, not tall like me ni!! -___-" Nampak la view on the sky tapi lasers performance banyak being projected dekat bahagian bawah castle and at the water fountain. Takpe, besok masih ada. Nevertheless, it was such a spectacular show as its name suggest!

Frozen fever masih on! Hehe.

The show lasted for about 20 minutes or so. And it was time to call it a day. Huuuu besttttt ! We left with happy feelings knowing that we were coming again the next day :))))

Yang tak best masa dah habes show ni was, ramai nye lahhhhh umat manusia nak berpusu2 keluar. Sebab semua pun keluar time yang sama kan. So it gets a bit overwhelming with the crowd. Andddd also, although the hotel provides free shuttle service kan, timing is a bit off, I felt.

Departure from Disney parks - pukul 9.28pm is not realistic sebab night show habes around that time. Memang tak sempattt nak catch the bus for that time. Next timing - 10.30pm, which was, 1 hour later! Andddd crowd was soooo huge sebab semua pun keluar waktu yang sama. Anddd the next one was another 1 hour later! Hmmm, macam tak kena pulak timing tu. Ye lah dengan budak2 dah ngantuk, sejuk pulak tu. So in the end, we took a cab to go back. Kena charge dalam €10 macam tu.. 
Okie dokie that's all about our adventure on day 4 in Paris, day 1 in Disneyland Paris! Day 2 to continue..... :) Will share more about the rides and also, about the Fast Pass!

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