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Trip to Paris and London... Day 4 - Disneyland Paris (the intro bit).

Our itinerary in Disneyland, Paris (3 days)
14 September 2015 (Monday)

Day 4 started with a heavy breakfast in our apartment in the morning (yeay! ☺) while it was raining outside (not yay! ☹). It was kind of expected though because on the night before, we checked the Weather apps on our iPhone and this was shown:
Monday - Hujan. Tuesday - Cloudy with no sun. Wednesday - Hujan lebat! And these were the three days we were to spend in Disneyland T_T

Anyways. Coming back to the breakfast story. That morning as usual my mom and I tag-team to discuss and prepare meal for the day.

Me: Ma.. Pagi ni kita buat nasi lemak lah ma. Kasi semua makan kenyang2. So nanti kat Disneyland nanti kita makan roti2 je. Dah dapat masuk apartment nanti baru makan heavy balik.

Mama: Ok.

Me, took out the Brahim's instant nasi lemak boxes.

Mama, took out santan, daun pandan, bawang, halia, kulit kayu manis, a plastic of fried anchovies, a packet of serunding, and a tupperware of sambal bilis. (!!!!!)

I was like, hmmm ok did you pack timun and telur also Ma?? :D Hahaha haiyoh I tell you, 4 days and counting my instant food packets / cans sikitttt je baru guna because we kept on utilizing her non-instant food ration. Padahal the deal was she'll pack for her portion and I'll pack for my family's and sampai Paris and London we'll do a combined meal based on whatever we have. Sekali tuuuu semua food mama yang supply. Hehe mothers huh? 
Bernasik lemak in Paghee
Anyways ter long winded pulak with the intro :)

So, in the morning we had our breakfast and did our last minute packing to go to Disneyland. Since we were moving from apartment in Paris to Disneyland, again we have pre-booked for a private transfer van to come and pick us up at around 11am. There's also an option to take a train there, but since we were with luggage and all we thought a van will be more convenient for us. We used the same one - and were charged € 75 for a trip from Rue de Charenton to Disneyland.

View in front of where we stayed at. Final view before we made our move.
On the way to Disneyland. Kids were all happy being dressed up in their fav Disney characters ❤ I purposely bought the t-shirts in advance for the fun of it (and so that we can reason them on why they shouldn't go all berserk seeing the Disney t-shirts / costumes kat sana nanti hehe. I think I'll be more worried if I have girls, Disney princesses' costumes bersepah2 kat souvenir shops, and beautiful too! :))

In Disneyland, there were a list of Disney Hotels and Partner Hotels. Ikut kan hati nak go all out and stay at the main Disneyland Hotel itself because of course lagi cantik and lagi banyak advantages, and hence banyak-cantik-muka-kau-ape-kau-ingat-ada-orang-nak-masukkan-2.6bil-into-your-bank-account kind of expensive. Maka berpijak lah kami di bumi yang nyata and we settled with the aparthotel Adagio Marne-la-Vallee Val d'Europe. 

It is called 'aparthotel' because it's neither an apartment entirely nor a hotel entirely. So macam hybrid lah so that's why it's called aparthotel, apparently

We booked for a 3D2N stays and the hotel comes with the 2 parks tickets as a package. Meaning, we get 3 days to enter the parks  Disneyland Paris ada 2 parks - satu is called Walt Disney Studios Park. Satu lagi is called Disneyland Park. You can buy the tickets separately, meaning tak semestinya kena duduk hotel dia or the partner hotel; and tak semestinya kena beli tickets for both parks. And the hotel provides free shuttle service to Disneyland and its about 10 minutes away. 

All the info can be found at the main website. 

We reached our hotel at about noon time, and since the check-in time is at 3pm so we planned to store our luggage there and made move to Disneyland right away. Butttt turned out our room was ready for check-in! So happy!!! :)))))

Got our room key, park tickets, and shuttle bus schedule; and off we went for a check-in. We booked the Family Apartment, so its a 2 levels room - ada tangga untuk naik tingkat atas. Atas ada satu bilik with a queen-sized bed and its own attached bathroom with bath tub and all. Bawah is a living hall with 2 single sofa beds with 1 pull out bed, kitchen, dining area, toilet (no bath tub - just shower) and there's another room with bunk beds for 2Ks. Quite comfy to fit the 5 of us.

Ok the reason why I narrated about the layout of the room is becauseeeeee I didn't freaking snap a photo or two of our room!!! Aaaaa can you imagine? Excited sangat dengan Disneyland punye pasal. Hehehe.
Shuttle bus schedule
Our tickets to Disneyland 
So lepas check-in, settle down, prepared lunch (we had the Brahim's instant nasi goreng kampung and roti with sardines - very quick to prepare, sedap, and filling too) and all ready to catch the 2.32pm bus. Buuuuut we got confused with the bus stop location makaaaa terlepas pukul 2.32pm punye and we took 3.32pm punya instead.

Sementara terlepas bas tu, we took a stroll at the shopping mall nearby - Val d'Europe Shopping Centre. Located memang betul2 tepi hotel tu. And tempat tunggu bas is actually tepi shopping mall tu.
In front of the mall.

Its a heeeuuuugeeee mall. And dalam tu ada kedai makan halal, called 'Noura'.

Anddd that is where the La Vallee Village Chic Outlet Shopping (adik beradik Bicester Village) is located too! (Tapi percaya tak, the excitement going to and being in Disneyland mengatasi segala2 nya, we didn't even go to this outlet throughout our 3 days there! Hehe. Takpe, Bicester Village awaits :))

Waiting for the bus :) Check out the sky. Although the weather forecast said it's gonna be a rainy day on Monday, which it was, but by evening, it was all sunshine-y! 
We had to take bus no. 50 to go to Disneyland.

Andddd finally we reached my childhood dream destination!!! Happy tears! 

To be continued.....

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