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Trip to Paris and London... Day 2 - Paris.

12 September 2015 (Saturday)

So we ended our day 1 in Paris by sleeping in at 7pm kan. The next day pukul 6am our apartment dah meriah dah with everyone being chirpy, all rise and shine! ☼ 

Khayr and Kazim, at their favourite corner of the apartment - the chalk board area.
Hasil artwork Khayr - two traffic lights and Eiffel Tower! :)

Breakfast in the morning was garlic bread with mushroom soup (all brought from KL). And lepas semua dah settled down, our day 2 of adventure in Paris begun!

It was a wet day in Paris on day 2 - so that was quite unfortunate :( This picture was taken just before we entered the metro station near our apartment.
As per the itinerary, we went to another one of the must-go places in Paris - the Louvre Museum ღ The most-visited museum in the world, and its famous attraction is the Leonardo Da Vinci's portrait of Mona Lisa.

Imitating Kazim's sleeping pose at the metro station to go to the Louvre - Palais Royal Musee de Louvre (Line 1) :)

Masa sampai2 tu through the underground connection it brought us inside this one building (ok taktau apa nama building tu haha. Macam a shopping mall pun iye jugak). And we got confused a bit as to how to get to the outside part of that mall.

Inside the mall, at the bottom part of the Louvre pyramid.
We finally figured out that we had to take this lift to get to the outside part. Bau hancing ya amat please!

2K's pose at the Louvre.
The panoramic view of the Louvre Pyramid and the Louvre palace.

Gotta pose like a true tourist! Hehehe.

By the time we left the Louvre to make move to Notre Dame, the rain gets heavier :(

We stopped by for hot drinks at this one mall on the way to Notre Dame by walking from the Louvre. 2K's munching on the nutella-spread bread I packed from apartment.
Perjalanan diteruskan ke Notre Dame
Passed by the Seine River

Finally we reached there at the Notre Dame. Masa tu orang ramai masih gigih beratur even under the rain. Diorang dah beli tiket kot.
Us, in front of the Notre Dame.
Kalau baca kat internet tempat ni in French is called "Our Lady of Paris". Tempat ni is said to be the largest and most well-known church building in the world.

We were there not for long as we were quite drenched in water, our sneakers especially. Lepas dah bergambar and tengok keadaan sekeliling, we made move to our next destination - the Grand Mosque of Paris.

Can't remember how did we get there, but I think it was by walking kot. Because I remember the journey being quite far, what with the rain and all. But it was all worth it after we get there. Felt this one kind of pride feeling, seeing such a beautiful mosque located in Paris 
The main entrance of the mosque
Some beautiful parts of the mosque captured:

Because it was still raining, we took a spot in the mosque to just have a breather and also a quick meal - some nuggets, bread with nutella spread, and peanut butter biscuits. Sambil2 tu mengharapkan hujan berhenti. Huhu.

On our back home. By then it was already 4pm or so; and masih hujan :( Around the mosque area there were few halal restaurants spotted. And we also actually passed by the Paris Museum of Natural History.
We made our move back to our apartment and had our rest because the last itinerary for the day was Paris night tour! :)

Main dish for our early dinner - ayam masak kicap from Ayamas. Sedap! :) Makan dengan nasi panas2 with other food we brought such as sambal hitam and telur masin.
Then came night time - we booked the night tour through the Big Bus Tours. The departure point was at the Champs Elysees near the Arc de Triomphe at 9.30pm. So we made move quite early just so that we get to walk along that Champs Elysees tengok2 waktu malam. Verdict: bad decision! Haha. Tak sangka it was such a longgggg stretch! Pancit mak. Hahaha. Nasib baik weather was nice that night - dah tak hujan. We took the metro from the station near to our apartment and stopped at the Champs Elysees station, which was at the beginning part of the Champs Elysees. So jauh gilaaaaa berjalan untuk sampai ke Arc de Triomphe. Should have just stopped at the station near the Arc de Triomphe. Heh.

Champs Elysees stretch. Masa ni tak nampak pun batang hidung Arc de Triomphe tuh -_-' Punye lah panjang.

Sempat berhenti kejap ambek gambar. Padahal tengah panic ni sebab takut tak sempat sampai kat the departure point.

My night tour ticket.

Our excited faces sebab sempat sampai in time to sit at the upper deck (lepas tu ada sedikit menyesal sebab sejukkkkkk haha but best coz better view :))

Eiffel tower at night is so cantik especially when the part it lights up with lampu kelip2 ★ ☆★ ☆
- this picture doesn't do much justice to its beauty. 

Moulin Rouge - panjang gilaaaa queue orang beratur nak masuk.
Some other Paris attractions at night:

Arc de Triomphe
Seine River

Galerie Lafayette

The Louvre at night. So magnificent.

Notre Dame

The trip took us about 1 and 1/2 hours - it was such a nice experience to be able to see Paris life at night. Quite alive and happening even it was already 10.30pm or so. Maybe because it was a night during weekend.

It was time to go back to our apartment! :) Can see my kids were all tune in to the Paris timing. Dah pukul 11 lebih waktu malam still segar bugar (ok sebab half through the night tour they actually fell asleep pun ye jugak.. hehe).  
Day 2 ended well despite the downpour during the day. Alhamdulillah...

Okie dokie.. Day 3 to continue.....! :)

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