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Trip to Paris and London... Day 11 - London (Bath, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle)

21 September 2015 (Monday)

So on this day we have planned to do a road trip to places outside London. Took us a while when we were still in the planning stage back in Malaysia to agree on the destination to go. Tiba2 masa tu rasa macam so little time, so many places to go, so little money in the pocket hihi. Benar bagai di kata, "if you are tired of London, you are tired of life". Banyakkkkk tempat one can go when in London.
One of the many meetings we had to agree on places to cover during the road trip.

So in the end we agreed to cover Bath, Stonehenge, and Windsor Castle. After all, most of tour package somehow cover these places in one day.

Buuuuut our expectation did not meet with the reality of things - we didn't factor in things like lambat dapat kereta sewa, sesat jalan, berhenti sana sini, and all. Eventually, we only managed to cover Bath and Stonehenge je. Itu pun masa sampai Stonehenge dah tutup rupanya hahaha (gelak in pain -___-").

So we rented our cars from Europcar. And the pick-up point was at Bayswater - near to our apartment of stay. To rent a car in London doesn't require international driving license. But one needs to be mindful about the congestion charge in London, where to park, extra charges for things like child seat, additional driver, and navigation system; and of course, driving around.

The bummer thing was, even though we were supposed to pick up the car at 9am but things got delayed and eventually pukul 11 kot baru dapat kereta... Sigh. Hubs and BiL went to the pick-up point early but some people came even earlier.

But still, we had a great day anyway :) Lucky we covered Bath first coz the place is soooooo beautiful and scenic! 

And when we factored in Stonehenge in our itinerary, we planned to actually have a view of it from afar; i.e. tak plan pun nak masuk. Entrance ticket is so expensive! -__-" But, turned out they have built up macam visitor centre or something (got to know this from reading after dah sampai kat sana haha speaking of tak buat homework siap2) that's blocking the view from outside. So masa kitorang sampai memangggg tak nampak apa2 pun, kitorang dok terintai2 jugak hahaha but kehampaan.. Oh well.

So, enjoy the pictures taken during our trip to Bath :)

With mom and MiL around, food is not a problem :) They cooked all these dishes in the morning and I prepared the nutella sandwiches for us to pack to eat during lunch later. 
Killing off some time while waiting for hubs and BiL to come and pick us with the rented car.
The waiting agony finally ended ! Phew.
Our car for the 2 days.
(my 2Ks ngantuk tunggu kereta, masuk2 je terus doze off hehe)

And the journey began! :) 

Along the way - kejap hujan...
Kejap cerah...

There are a lot of R&Rs can be found along the highway. And somehow setiap R&R yang kitorang stopped at mesti ada Mark&Spencer food store. Nice!

About to reach! Weeeee :) Took us about almost 3 hours I think, with the stop and all.
At the car park - which took us a while to find also. Another homework not done. Huhu. Btw check out the beautiful building with the beautiful blue sky as the background.

Sampai2 terus kasi Kazim si penasik makan. He's like so hungry already dok mengadu "Mamaaaa perut Kazim sakittt sangat.." huhu. Biskut and other snacks dah tak jalan by this time..
The rest of us settled for our lunch at the nearest benches. Home cooked food never tasted that delicious! :)

Dah settle lunch, baru continue our journey to tour the Bath city. Here's 2K's doing their mandatory pose at the Bath visitor centre.
2K's pose at the beautiful Bath Abbey.
Panoramic view. (Hmmm macamana nak kasik gambar besar and yet fit into the page eh?)

Discussing which part of the huge Bath town to be covered. It says that Bath is just a small city, but entah, I beg to differ. Hehe. Rasa macam besar je.
Outside the Pump Room and Roman Baths where the Romans use to bath there in the natural thermal spa water, and it still steams till today. Macam natural hot springs. It's one of the unique attractions in Bath sebab now open for public. Tapi nak masuk kena bayar. 
Pulteney Bridge - one of the world's most beautiful bridges.
Panoramic view of the Pulteney Bridge that crosses the Avon River.
So scenic and beautiful 

After dah penat jalan2, we then drove off to look out for toilet (it was all sun and shiny but it was SO colddddd.. brrrrr). And that's when we found this one park. It's time for the 2Ks to have their moment pulak :) It has such a hugeeeee playground. 2Ks loved it!

After giving some time for 2Ks to let out their energy, we then made move to this one hilly place for a view point of the Bath town.

The picture doesn't do much justice to the beauty of Bath....

Lepas tu we then drove off to Stonehenge, to which we didn't get to have a glimpse of it pun. Boo hoo. It was already quite late, almost 7pm I think. So we knew Windsor Castle had to be scratched off from the list. Maka pulanglah kami back to our apartment at Westbourne Grove with 1001 memories of the beauty of Bath.... A city so unique that it has been designated as world heritage site. The building architecture is just so gorgeous!

Coming up next - Day 12, road trip to University of Oxford, Bicester Village and Harry Potter Studio! :)

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