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Trip to Paris and London... Day 10 - London (Camden Lock, Westfield)

20 September 2015 (Sunday)

It was a laid back Sunday for us. We needed some rest after few days of intense work-out (read: walking :D) so we purposely arranged for a chillaxing day, after all it's Sunday! So our itinerary was just to cover 2 places: Camden Town and Westfield Mall. Plus it was the day the in-laws will be done with their tour / activities so they will be joining us at the apartment during the later part of the day. Full house yaw!
Alhamdulillah for another sunny cooling weather. I'm so missing this kind of weather!

After we had our breakfast back at the apartment, we took bus to the Camden Town. Kids were happy because they finally get to sit at the upper deck of the double-decker London bus :) All the while in London it was always a short-distant trip whenever we took the bus so we didn't allow them to sit at the upper-deck takut by the time dah sampai bus stop diorang terkedek2 nak turun. But since it took a while to travel to the Camden Town (I think maybe around 30 - 40 mins) so we thought ok, lets sit at the upper deck. Only thing was, yang depannn sekali depan cermin tu dah ada orang duduk le pulak. But oh well, kids were smiling ear to ear nevertheless :)

 Boleh travel by tube as well ke Camden Town Station, but based on reviews and website it was not advisable to do so during peak time (i.e. weekends) especially if you are travelling with kids coz the station can get very crowded (hmmm Kazim, whats with the pose??? -___-")
Camden Lock Market. Camden Town ni ala2 pasar karat / uptown whereby ada banyak2 open-air markets selling a lot of stuff, especially souvenirs, vintage stuff, clothing, accessories, well, macam2 lah. One of the purposes of us coming here is to do our souvenir shopping. Memang lagi murah (ok as of now I cannot remember how much murah, but, memang murah lah senang cerita. Hehehe.)

Kat sini ada Camden Lock Market, Camden Lock Village, Camden Market, Inverness Street Market, Stables Market, and Indoor Fashion Market. Even though it can get crowded, its advisable to come during weekends because that's when all the markets are open (and so I was told lah. Tak sure pulak kalau datang weekdays bukak je semua market nih.. hehe).
Camden Lock. Kat tepi tu ada dua laluan air with 2 different levels hence ada twin-lock. Bila kapal nak lalu from one level to another, the gates will be locked to allow the water to flow to the same level and kapal tu boleh lalu. This is apparently the unique part of the Camden Town.
Camden Market. Only Kazim did the mandatory pose. Masa ni Khayr pergi toilet dengan abah dia. 
Kids wanted this. Well, it costed us less than a pound, so sila kan. Pandai korang pilih wahai anak2. Hehehe.
Gotta love the food market here! :) We tapau-ed our lunch (and packed some for dinner) from the Malaysian food stall.
Kazim so happy to get to eat fried chicken :)
He had three servings! :D Mee, fried chicken, and barbeque chicken.

Nyummy churros 

Gotta try the fresh orange juice from this stall - so refreshing!
View from the upper deck of London bus.
Very vibrant and lively.
After did our shopping and settled our lunch, we then hop on a bus to go to the Westfield Mall pulak.
This time, kids get to sit at the upper deck, most front seating! Yeay! (Kids sunglasses juga adalah hasil pembelian di Camden Market...)
It was quite a ride but I didn't mind coz we get to see the different part of London. I think we even passed by some areas at the Zone 2. Tengok rumah2 kat sana, the suburbs area - so cantik. Just like how we saw in movies. Lovely. 
Its just like another mall. But as compared to Oxford St, at least all the shops are under one roof. Cuma sini takde Primark lah.

Kids sempat pau lego minifigure ni. I think in KL is cheaper (?)
Walaupun cover 2 tempat je, dekat pukul 6pm ++ jugak lah we call it a day. So it felt like it was almost a full day itinerary :)
Makan besar at night when there were 8 adults and 2 kids altogether! :) Dinner that night was a combo of food bought from the Camden Market and food brought from Malaysia 

Malam tu sembang2 catching up with the in-laws and also we sat down together to finalise our itinerary for the next 2 days - we have arranged for car rental to drive around! 

So coming up next - road trip Day 11 and Day 12...  :)

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