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Trip to Paris and London... Day 1 - Paris.

11 September 2015 (Friday)

Finally after all the planning and preparation (and working hard in the office everyday to complete as much stuff before going for a long leave!) the day to travel came. Woohoo!

Our itinerary in Paris (3 days)

Our journey begins on 10 September 2015 - a night flight from KLIA to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) Airport (I wish I can go back in time as I'm typing this - the start of every journey is always the most thrilled, exciting part!)

Tapi tu lah, we had few challenges la pulak before making our move tu. First, as mentioned in my previous entry yang Kazim was not well. He's all ok despite the temperature and flu, cuma as a mother my feeling was the one yang tak ok. Huhu. Risau and serabut sebab I kept on thinking whether will he get the ear infection or not. Memang packed his meds betul2 to ensure the meds were given timely when due.

And then, airport transfer van should come and pick us at 7pm. Tapiiiii pukul 8.30pm baru sampai! It was such a chaotic moment masa tu. Sebab ye lah, it was raining on a Thursday evening end of office hour. Mesti jam, pukul berapa pulak nak sampai KLIA kan?? We wanted to reach airport with ample time instead having to be in a rush. Between 7pm to 8.30pm tu, we tried to resort to other options but the chances were so slim coz there were 7 of us - my in laws's flight was that night too, so we were going together. 5 adults and 2 kids with our luggage that are worth 2 weeks trip, normal car memang tak dapat nak cater. We tried Uber and MyTeksi but to no avail. We even considered calling our friends tapi thinking that siapa pulak ada van nak datang ambek kitorang kan. Normal sedan car memang tak muat with our big luggage. Time orang balik kerja pulak tu. I was already in bad mood out of panic but the moment I saw my hubs was in rage, immediately I knew I had to be the calm one.

After what seems to be agessss, the van finally came at 8.30pm. We really gave them a piece of our mind and demanded them to bring us to KL Sentral instead as a change of plan. And we refused to pay them. Sebab ye lah, dah la now tiba2 nak kene incur ERL costs for all 7 of us (kids below 2yo baru FOC), lambat pulak tu. Nasib baik driver van tu tak melawan otherwise it would be an ugly scene. Huhu.

Tengah tunggu van tu buat u-turn kat depan rumah kitorang. Huhu kelihatan suamiku sudah bercekak pinggang.

Finally it was all calm-after-the-storm moment. Phew. Tiket ERL memang hubs bought immediately online masa on the way nak ke KL Sentral so masa sampai tu memang tinggal nak collect je. Memang kelam kabut masa tu sebab in-laws dah lambat - they had to meet with their other group tour members at KLIA. So they went ahead and board the ERL first. And we went to check in our luggage at KL Sentral itself.

Posing kejap kat KL Sentral while waiting for my husband to settle kan check in luggage.
In the ERL
Timing was ngam2 untuk settlekan itu ini. Alhamdulillah we boarded the plane as scheduled and our 13hr journey begun! Khayr duduk with my hubs, Kazim with me, and my mom sat at the middle row with other passengers. Comparing this experience of flying with MAS with Emirates, brownie points were awarded to Emirates for their service towards kids ✦ They had meal for kids and kids stuff like colouring book, blanket, and soft toys for them.

My second sister who came to send my mom to KLIA.

Anyways, the flight journey did not feel THAT long sebab tidur je kan. Time berjaga pulak was spent on having meal and layan movie :) Kids were all right - Kazim banyak tidur maybe drowsy from his meds. Khayr pulak was ok. He alerted his abah whenever he needed to go to the toilet and he enjoyed watching cartoon before sleeping.

Reached CDG airport on time around 7am kat situ (Paris is 6 hours behind Malaysia time) and we, well my husband actually, was delayed at the immigration. Banyak pulak dia kena soal itu ini kerja ape la kenapa selalu travel la (based on the locations stamped at his passport) and yadda yadda. Lepas tu we took our time to settle down and freshen up. Memang dah plan dengan van transfer from airport to our apartment to come pick us slightly later - dalam pukul 10am macam tu sebab taknak kelam kabut.

CDG airport at the arrival hall seems to be quite small to me. It was always so crowded so macam a bit merimaskan and rasa macam ada 2 cafes je untuk lepak2 (or maybe I did not get to explore much kot..).

Masa mula sampai2 tengah tunggu luggage. Gambar kat airport tak banyak tangkap sebab ye lah baru sampai so nervous and kalut semacam hehe.
Had our breakfast at the cafe near to the information counter while waiting for our transport. We bought one huge croissant for sharing and the kids had the nasi lemak and yogurt that hubs took from the plane hehe.
At the CDG airport. Escalator bersimpang siur.

Dalam pukul 10.30 van pun sampai.. Hubs booked the private transfer at and we were charged 70 for a trip from CDG airport to our apartment in Rue de Charenton.

In the van to apartment. Gambar tak clear but nak letak jugak haha for memory sake.

The apartment we booked was through airbnb and the charge was at € 95 per night. The owner since the very beginning was so nice and accommodating. Memang jenis melayan segala mak nenek soalan that I had and can see she tried her best to reply in English walaupon spelling berterabur hehe. And how irony it was that her name is close to mine - Lydia :) (*One tips I learnt about booking through airbnb is to pick a place yang ada at least 2-3 good reviews. And this one, she had a lot! So it was quite convincing.)

One good thing I like about the apartment was the fact that the owner had a shop nearby (and it was actually a children's toys shop! Imagine 2Ks sampai2 Paris dah meroyan nak toys -__-' She has a son of 6yo so kedai dia banyak gilaaaa kereta kecik2 especially Mini Coopers - 2Ks favourite!). So sampai2 kitorang tumpang letak our luggage at her shop and throughout our stay pun as and when we had any issue she'll be like "I'll be there in 2 minutes". How convenient!

Our place of stay in Paris :) (*picture taken from airbnb website of this apartment). Such cosy apartment, albeit being a bit small. As in, every space in the apartment comel2 je size dia, especially the toilet. Heh. During my search process to book for a place, I noticed that almost semua tempat in Paris pon offer 1 toilet je. Huhu. But nasib baik jugak dia separate room between shower and toilet.

The apartment is also convenient in terms of the availability of shops (there's 1 carrefour express nearby), restaurants (ada 2 halal restaurants), and also a pharmacy. Semua pun located at very close proximity - about few minutes of walking. And nearest metro station is about 350m away - Station Dugommier, Line 6. Jalan pun tak terasa sangat sebab tengok view itu ini tau2 dah sampai.

So lepas dah letak barang kat kedai Lydia, and sembang2 dengan dia about getting around and all, we were happy to know that Station Dugommier tu satu line dengan Station Bir Hakeim - i.e. untuk ke Eiffel Tower. So of we went to start our adventure! As seen in the itinerary - first thing first, to Eiffel Tower we go! :)

Sampai2 station, terusssss apa yang digembar gemburkan berlaku. Orang situ tak friendly, bau hancing, and station dia kecikkk je pun. And to get around mula2 can be confusing sebab staff yang ada kat situ peranan dia pun tak tau lah ape just duduk and cari mangsa untuk marah kot? Haha. Sebab pembelian tiket is all through the machine. Ingatkan mula2 nak senang kitorang nak beli je la tiket metro kat staff kat counter tu kan. Kene marah kuikuikui. So we went and buy at the machine. Pon kena marah sebab keluarkan 50. Rupanya machine tu accept paling maximum € 20 if not mistaken.

So one single metro ticket costs € 1.80. Kat Paris konsep dia macam with that amount boleh pergi from one point to another point tak kesah mana2. Kira cost for one single journey is that much lah from point A to point B. Tak macam LRT kita kalau nak pergi KLCC 1 harga, gi masjid jamek lain pulak charge nya. So kurang sikit pening kepala nak kena fikir nak pergi station mana, harga berapa. Beli je tiket nanti boleh figure out nak turun station mana.

And there's this option to buy in a book of 10 tickets, which costs 14.40. Meaning harga 1 ticket jatuh jadi € 1.44 lah instead of € 1.80. So we bought 2 sets of that book of 10 tickets to be shared among my hubs, myself and my mom. Children under 4yo tak payah beli metro tiket and children between 4 - 11yo is half the price. So for Khayr kitorang beli its own set of 10 tickets at € 7.20.

Ok the things I found agak inconvenience about metro station in Paris:

1. Takde lift. So sangat tidak stroller friendly. Sepanjang travel kat Paris tu kerja nya kami laki bini mengangkut je lah stroller tu turun naik tangga -__-' Kalau Kazim tengah tidur dalam tu, bertambah la muscle kami for the day. Heh.

2. Time nak keluar masuk with stroller pun susah. Sebab tempat masuk ticket untuk lalu stroller tu is kena go through pagar. And pagar tu berkunci. So setiap kali pon nak kena signal kan staff yang garang tu suruh bukak kan the gate. And kadang2 dah masuk tiket, gate tu tak boleh bukak pulak dah. Kena marah lagi T_T haihhh. Well ok lah taktau la marah ke hape but suara diorang kuat and when spoken in French, it did sound as if it was a scolding. Kitorang tak abes2 "Merci.. Merci.." je cakap thank you to end the scolding. Heh.

3. Bila kita beli tiket2 banyak2, boleh bikin konfius. Kecik betoi tiket nye ponnnn alahaiii. So kena simpan betul2. And satu tiket tu, lepas dah sampai destination, dinasihatkan buang saje lah tiket tu sebab kalau disimpan balik boleh bikin konfius sebab mixed up dengan tiket yang belum pakai.

Tiket yang besar nya tak sampai pon besar tapak tangan ku yang besar ini >_<

When confused, tiket yang macam dah bertanda2 kene stamped ni maksudnya dah pakai. So sila buang. But buang bila dah sampai destinasi ok. Sebab masa nak keluar pun kena masukkan tiket lagi skali kat machine.

4. Some train station can be very the hancing. And no toilet. And also spooky -__-' Just becareful with your belongings lah ye. Alhamdulillah throughout our stay we didn't experience any close encounter with pickpockets but my BiL and his wife did, but escaped free - nasib baik they realised so sempat elak cepat2.

Well, yang penting, dapat jugak tengok Eiffel Tower ni depan mata sendiri... So happy! ◕‿ ◕ 

2K's signature pose at Eiffel Tower ♥ Hehe I called 'signature' coz we figured out the way to go in getting the best shot of them at the tourist places during the trip was by asking them to run towards whoever was taking the picture. Hehe. They were more than happy to do just that - running! :) So yeah, you'll see this pose a lot.
With mama - so happy dapat bawak dia datang sini 

We had our picnic lunch here. Such nice, cooling weather. We had nuggets (Mama brought - cooked from KL) with chilli sauce dip and mayonnaise (guess who bawak - yes none other than Mama hehe), some peanut butter biscuits brought from KL as well, and some croissants brought there at the shop around the Eiffel Tower. As for water, we brought from there as well sebab tak masuk apartment lagi kan, so tak sempat nak masak air bagai.

So kat situ memang kitorang nampak a lot of people queuing untuk naik Eiffel Tower tu. Queue panjang gilaaaaa. That's why beli awal, online is better I think. Kitorang actually did consider to buy tapi slot untuk naik 1st and 2nd floor memang dah habes untuk tarikh yang kitorang plan nak datang. And when we were there we experienced what other people kept on telling us / writing in their blogs - about the awang2 hitam dok jual keychain Eiffel Tower and also... selfie sticks! Haha.
One for the album ◕‿◕

Kat situ banyak jugak manusia with make up and costume pelik2 wander around. This one, he offered some lollipops to my kids and joked around with them. He even signaled to me asking me to take photo of him and Khayr Kazim. Sekaliiii the next thing we know rupanya lepas tu dia mintak tips. Cis! Tipah tertipu. So becareful lah ye.

There were a lot of this kind. Ada yang datang konon suruh sign ape ntah, and the next thing you know, dia akan mintak duit. So senang cerita if ada orang datang approach cakap "you speak English?".. Jawab je "kawe dok pehe mu ghoyak gapo".. Hahaha. Confirmeddd tidak akan diganggu.

Lepas dah makan, and jalan2 around the area kitorang pon gerak balik.... Kalau ikut itinerary nak pergi Galerie Lafayatte kan. But we decided to go back sebab semua pun penat. So we thought lets call it a day, settle down etc the next day can start fresh!

Sepanjang jalan balik ke metro station tu banyak kedai2 jual souvenir, ice cream, roti2, etc.

Lepak makan aiskrim kejap :)

So lepas tu kitorang balik pergi kedai Lydia tu balik, ambek luggage (ok one thing to take note make sure apartment yang nak dibooked is located at the first floor! otherwise jenuhhh nak angkut naik beg2 yang ada.) Tingkat satu pun berpeluh jugak kami laki bini angkat naik barang2 *insert sweaty face*. Senang cerita, sepanjang kat Paris ni memang banyak exercise lah. Hehe. Tapi weather cooling takpe. Cuba kalau kat KL. Hazabbbbb ketibas ketibus abes. Hahaha.

Malam tu kitorang early dinner makan nasi letak kicap with ayam goreng kunyit, sambal hitam, and telur masin. Alhamdulillah kenyangggg. *Kicap and sambal bilis hitam - kitorang bawak. Ayam, bawang, cili merah, and telur masin - mama bawak. Dia memang dah masak siap2 dari KL then pack molek2.

First day ni pukul 7pm semua orang dah pengsannnnn. Sebab ye lah 7 pm tu macam 12 tengah malam here in KL. So memang waktu kritikal untuk tidur. Hehehe.

Ok adventure day 2 will continue in the next entry!

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