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Trip to Paris and London... Day 3 - Paris.

13 September 2015 (Sunday)

Day 3 in Paris started with a breakfast at our apartment - roti canai :) And then after that off we went to start our day 3 adventure in Paghee.
The weather that morning looked promising. No sun shine but it wasn't raining either. So it was a bit cold - but it was ok, as long as no rain 
Imitating Kazim's sleeping pose, again. Hehe.

So based on the itinerary, we were to go to the Montmartre area. There were three metro stations nearby, you can stop at Abbesses or Blanche (near Moulin Rouge) or Anvers. With limited knowledge, we decided to stop at Abbesses metro station. 

Love this candid picture of me and my firstborn 
Before coming to this place, we did a quick reading and was made to understand that the Montmartre area is like an artistic district where you can see a lot of street arts and such. And it is where the Moulin Rouge is located too. Further up the hill is where the famous Basilica du Sacre-Coeur (the big white dome Roman Catholic church) located.

But guess what - it was another wet day in Paris! Boohoo.
My cheeky boys :D

So we were a little lost actually coz the downpour was such a mood-killer. We wandered around aimlessly and we did pass by that small white mini-train that can drive you up the hill but we did not know where the stop was. As we continued walking, we came to this one area that has so many souvenirs shop. So we went for souvenirs shopping instead. I can say that almost all of my Paris souvenirs were brought there :)
Inside one of the souvenir shop. Although I had my rain jacket, I  insisted on buying this 3.50 poncho as it helped to cover my Sofina 3 as well as my second born while walking! hehehe.
The sellers at the souvenir shops were all nice - they were not local, obviously. They were nice to my kids siap kasi free key chains and we managed to bargain with them too on our purchases.

As we continued walking under the rain we also noticed that there was a row of shops that sells halal food, mostly selling kebabs, falafels and pancakes. These shops were located nearby to the Anvers metro station. So we decided to stop for lunch over there.

Because the food is yummy, husband decided to have some takeaways too :) We were supposed to continue on walking but because of the rain, we thought that our been-there-done-that mission at Montmatre has already been achieved, albeit partially heh so we made our move to the next place - the Champs Elysees street and Arc de Triomphe!

Station near to the Arc de Triomphe - Charles de Gaulle - Etoile
The famous monument - Arc de Triomphe. Beneath the Arc is said to be the tomb of the unknown soldiers who fought and died during the World War I. Hence this monument is also known as such.

It was still raining, but more like drizzling.

After that, we continued on with a stroll at the Champs Elysees. I didn't make so many stops at the shops sebab entah, takde mood (and memang tak plan pun) nak shopping. So we just entered few shops like Long Champ just to window shop and check out on the price and that was it. 

Us in the middle of the Champs Elysees stretch

And we then reached at that most-talked macarons place - Laduree! :) I know some people who has been here will have a remark "Ada kedai lain selain Laduree yang jual macarons lagi sedap". But oh well, one has got to try for herself right? 
I didn't know the queue was SUPER long! Mula2 I queued with Kazim. And then we decided the rest can sit down at the benches nearby while I can continue to queue (since this was more like my mission hehe).
Inside the shop - nyams... So many flavours to choose! Nasib baik it was just me alone. Inside was super cramped!

Happy with the purchase :)

I love all them flavours! ◕‿◕ 
Lepas dah jalan2 kat Champs Elysees the rain has stopped and the sun started to shine so we decided... for another evening picnic at the Eiffel Tower.. :) 

Mama, the birds whisperer hehehe.

It was such a lovely evening - tak ramai orang and all sunny and cooling ☀ ☁

It was the time for BiL and the wife to cover Paris as well, so we set a time to meet for a while at the Eiffel Tower. 2Ks were surprised to see their Pak Ngah and Mak Ngah there :)
Lepas dah lepak2 spending our final moment in Paris, we made our move back to apartment.
Dinner that night :)
Malam tu hati masing2 macam dah rasa puas dah with the 3 days spent in Paris (I think 3 days is just more than enough) and we were more excited for the next three days to come as we were going to.. the Disneyland! ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

So till next! :)

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