Monday, 28 September 2015

The one with... holiday withdrawal blues ✈

First day at work after 2 weeks ++ holiday break is no fun. I'm still experiencing jet-lagged and I'm so overwhelmed with the outstanding work. Boohoo. 

Can't wait to write about my recent trip and add few new links to 'My Travelling Stories' tab :) Really feel like documenting some of the tips and tricks we applied when travelling with the 2Ks coz before the trip I did some research and there were not many blogs on sharing of experiences when it comes to travelling with kids (now I regret for not documenting as much during our trip to Melbourne previously. Hmmm. Banyak dah lupa).

So stay tune! :)


  1. peristiwa regret to document tu memang seringkali terjadi. Lepas regret, kata pda diri sendiri, nak update blog.. nak update blog.. tapii.. pffttt... thats to me la.. hahaha... jeles i tgk pic u pegi europe. best sgt!

  2. chiku the chucuru - haha yesss i had that moments too. banyakkkk sangat nak update blog tapi tak update2 pun! alhamdulillah for the opportunity, hope you'll get to go one day too! :)