Sunday, 2 August 2015

The one with... end of the season.

Chicken pox season within our little family, that is.

Just after 2 weeks++ Kazim had it, his elder brother caught the chicken pox virus too. We didn't see it coming though. I mean, within a week Kazim's blisters have dried up. Within such a week we didn't see Khayr showing any symptoms. So we thought, well, the elder brother is strong enough to fight the virus. Little did we know about this 'incubation period'.

I did a quick google search because I received so many remarks from others upon informing them that Khayr also, had the chicken pox after 2 weeks++ long. It's like most people tend to say things like:

"Eh, ni bukan from Kazim ni. Khayr mesti dapat from orang lain sebab lama sangat the gap from Kazim".

"Bukan Khayr dah ambek the vaccine ke? Patut nya tak kena".

So yeah, the above sort of help me to respond to others (and to comfort myself too. You know how we parents are easily 'disturbed' by the comments we received from others about our children..). Those articles I found on the net seem to concur with the situation we had.

True enough, Khayr had it after almost 3 weeks his younger brother caught the virus. And because he already had that 2 doses of the vaccination I guess that's the reason why he quickly recovered from it too. Day 3 his (not that many) blisters have all dried up. And as of today (day 6), he only have few scars left waiting to heal. Unlike Kazim who still have scars all over especially on his tummy and backside.

Nevertheless, I'm glad that the phase is over. I guess, the quarantine part is the hardest! :D Coz they are just perfectly fine except for the red dots all over their bodies. So its hard to treat them as 'being sick' coz other than the spots and tendency to scratch, they run and jump and scream and eat and drink well! I guess its the same 'challenge' we mothers went through - of having to be confined at home after giving birth :D

Oh and I print-screen that part about shingles because I actually had shingles during my 2nd year of working life, and it was such a painful experience! 2 weeks of MC, I remember. And kat muka pulak tu kena. Huhu. Nasib baik takde parut *phew*

Anyways. Just for my future reference on the 2Ks milestones:

Khayr had chicken pox when he's 5y5m.
Kazim had chicken pox when he's 3y5m.

Alhamdulillah all is well now. Can't wait to spend the final week of raya next weekend attending open houses and whatnots!! Can't wait to be able to gather with others after rejecting so many invitations for the past 3 weeks! :D

Just to share, during the chicken pox phase, Khayr and Kazim did not take any oral medication coz they didn't develop any fever. We just applied this one cream given by the paeds (for the scars, and so the paeds told us) and also apply the following traditional remedies as suggested by our parents.

1. The air kelapa (no sugar).
2. The daun semambu.

This, my friend, is daun semambu. Boleh dapat free apparently di rumah2 orang tapiiii kitorang taktau so we actually went and buy it hehe. Was told its used for prayers by the Hindus so we went to Batu Caves and found it kat depan tu kat tempat orang jual2 bunga untuk buat kalung.

We applied the daun semambu in 3 different ways:

1st - buat air rebusan for bathing.

2nd - buat alas tidur.

3rd - blend the daun and mix it with bedak sejuk to apply all over the spots.

Whether it did help or not, wallahu'alam. But it definitely didn't make things worse lah. Apparently this daun helps to reduce the itchiness and speed up the drying process of the blisters. To us, it was no harm trying - I mean as a kid I too went through the daun semambu phase during the chicken pox :)

I heard and read in the news that there was really a chicken pox 'outbreak' actually. So stay safe everyone and be responsible to the public by trying not to be out and about in the crowd if you (or your kids) caught the virus!

(I bold the word 'tyring' because, ok after 2 weeks of Kazim having it, when all the spots have dried up, we actually went for a road trip with our family to do some Raya visitation - guilty as charged as we didn't know about this incubation period. And also, I mean, like I said the difficult part is to stay quarantined. So exercise your own, informed, judgement ya ).