Friday, 19 June 2015

The one with... telepathic communication

The other day while getting stucked in a bad traffic jam, I was thinking "Hmmm it would be nice if I get to listen to the soundtracks from the Pitch Perfect movie". So sambil drive tu sambil terkial2 search kat Youtube (note: nope, haven't learned how to use Spotify) for the playlist. Well, ada tu ada. But the process wasn't smooth. It's either the connection got interrupted or the song got interrupted by Mr Waze's deep voice (I use Waze all.the.time in driving even if it means going to and fro home-office).

So that was it. It ended there. Got home and continued on with life.

The next day, suddenly while being in an early morning meeting I received an sms from hubs that said "check your email". Told him I will check later because I was in the middle of a meeting.

Later in the afternoon, I checked my email and my oh my, guess what?! He sent me the mp3 link of the Pitch Perfect song list!!! ^◕‿◕^

Faith in telepathic communication, restored! 

This morning before leaving to work I told my hubs that I'm sending a telepathic request on what do I want for berbuka today. Hahaha. He laughed it off but let's see whether he received it or not (not feeling hopeful though hahaha).

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