Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The one with... school holiday activities ☼

The 2-week school break is finally over and the KL-lites have to welcome the horrific morning and evening traffic to and fro work back in the life :(

Anyways. Looking back, although we didn’t have any specific plan on how to fill up the school break for the kids (especially Khayr), it turned out to be pretty much eventful eventually (most of the activities were ad-hoc! hehe). I did have in mind though to have a day dedicated to baking Nutella cookies with them boys, but that didn’t get to materialise. But that’s ok. Next time perhaps.

Holiday Camp
At the start of the school holiday we signed up Khayr for this 2-day 'holiday camp' activities held by his kindy. They did not really go for a camping trip but I kinda like the idea and concept.

Khayr particularly enjoyed the scavenger hunt session, he said whoever managed to find the items in the list first gets the rewards from the teachers. Sounds fun to me too!

Genting and Bukit Tinggi quickie
Then there's this one day on Friday when we were having breakfast at Pappa Rich, Kerol and I, we were like, "What do we do today?" (It's my off day and he was working from home). The next thing we knew we were at Genting and Bukit Tinggi :D We thought it would be much cooler up there but hmppphhh it was not cold at all, much to our disappointment. The kids had fun feeding the rabbit though ◕‿◕

Kids Carnival at GE Mall
One fine Saturday morning, we had a breakfast together with my family at Souled Out (never knew their breakfast buffet is reasonably priced and have a reasonable spread for selection too). And then since we know GE Mall was having the kids carnival, we went there after breakfast. Khayr and Kazim got so excited (read: jakun :P) with the cotton candy! Haha.

Disney Channel School's Out
I took leave on Thursday last week to bring the kids to Sunway Pyramid for the Disney Channel School's Out activities. After knowing that they featured Toy Story, Monsters University, Nemo and Cars, I knew I had to bring the boys. These are their favourite Disney cartoons! Hubs had a morning meeting that day so I drove to Sunway Pyramid with just the 2 boys. We had so much fun 

It was on a weekday so crowd was pretty much bearable. We get to do all the activities, and even better, another one go with hubs's presence hehe. He came and join us after his meeting ended.


These were the four activities and can you guess which one we enjoyed the most? Well of course it gotta be trying to score for the scream O meter! Hehehe.

Speaking of Sunway Pyramid, it was yonks years ago I last been there. I must say, I'm pretty impressed when I spotted this notice:

Has anyone utilised this service? I'd love to use them if I happened to come here again. It was when we wanted to go back that I saw this notice.

Free stay at Swiss Garden Damai Laut
The school holiday was wrapped up with a trip to Lumut, Perak. My in-laws bagged a free voucher from the Matta Fair, for a 1 night stay at the Swiss Garden Damai Laut. 

I've been there in 2010 so this was my second time. Only thing was, the free stay was at the apartment whereas before this I stayed at the hotel. Regardless, my comment is still the same - you need a good company (or a free voucher!) to enjoy your stay there :)

We went to the Lumut Waterfront. And then we went to Teluk Batik and hang out by the beach. (note: Kazim didn't dip himself in the water - he just played by kat gigi air tu saja and watched his elder brother enjoyed swimming and playing in the water. You can see that his swimming attire was dry from waist and above).

We even went to the Menara Condong (and take some pictures there like a true tourist! hehe)

Okie dokie that's all I have for now. Amboiiii rajin pulak bercerita ':) I hope this is not too long-winded! (My azam is to have the blog being frequently updated but on a 3S mode - simple, short, and sweet!)

I hope the kids had a great holiday coz I'm sure I did. Especially that bit when the 2Ks had an overnight at their Atuk's house, leaving mama and abah some ME time 

Thank you hubs for entertaining this wifey's request to have a fancy breakfast followed with a shopping spree! It's so much easier and fun (and dangerous) to shop without the kids! Haha 

I also chanced upon having some pampering sesh at JVM's wife new salon in Ampang. Gotta love the girlish and chic set-up and ambiance!

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