Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The one with... 2Ks go to terawikh ♥

Embarrassingly, I must admit that I’ve not been to surau or masjid for terawikh ever since I have kid(s) (not proud). So imagine my excitement recently when Mama told me that there’ll be a berbuka puasa sesh at the surau, followed with the rest of the ordeals in the month of Ramadhan – solat Maghrib, Isyak, Terawikh, Tazkirah, Witir, and Moreh!

I did not hesitate at all when she asked me to contribute and join simply because:
  • It was held during the weekend.
  • It’s the surau that I used to frequent to for terawikh when I was single and still staying with my parents. So I’m familiar with the surrounding and I know the neighbourhood well.
  • Khayr used to go for a mengaji class at one of the neighbour’s houses last year – so he will have some friends.
  • Kazim goes to a babysitter place there – so he too will have some friends.
  • Its about the right time. 2Ks are big enough now so I’m feeling more confident and comfortable to bring them for such a long routine activities.
  • Basically, it’s the area where I grew up at. So familiar faces and surrounding do help when you have kids to manage.
The reverse of each of the above is pretty much the reasons why my intro of this entry was as such. (I know, nak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih. But this is just me so don’t judge).

Khayr was so excited, he said he has been wanting to experience it because “Upin and Ipin do that too” :) He even asked whether were we going to be there early because he wanted to help to susun and bentangkan sejadah. Awwwww★ ☆ ✮ ✯

Kazim got excited at the idea of bringing the pop-pop mercun to play with friends (Mercun is such a BIG word for that pop-pop thingy kan? Anyway, what is it actually called again? Bunga api pop-pop? or just pop-pop? Haha well whatevs, you know which one I was referring to kan? )

- On our way to surau. The kids are into comics now! -

We let Khayr prayed with his abah and my brother at the men's saf section, and Kazim was with me together with my mom and my sister. But it’s a small and cosy surau so Kazim can still take a peek at his elder brother.

We had the nicest of experience! So proud of my babies. Of course, they lost it at Isyak prayer. (kinda expected hehe) but the surau also provides an open area for the kids so we can still pray in peace by still watching over them through the corner of our eyes (and taking the lead from their loud voices! Heh ok this one, cannot pray in peace coz I kept on feeling apologetic that it was my 2Ks who were the loudest! ).

Kazim made such a lasting impression that night. At the end of witir prayer, after everyone wanted to part ways, he actually went around and salam everyone (yes, everyone!) from one saf to another! Can you imagine the “awwwwws”, “baiknyaaaaaa” “comelnyaaaaa” and how-adorable faces he received that night? Hehehe. Loudest voice and noise? Forgiven! Hahaha.

- I was all ready to leave but Kazim was still making his rounds like a YB :D -

- Kazim enjoyed the food sesh that night, moreh especially! -

Their first, well our family first, and to many more session like this to come, InsyaAllah... 

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