Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The one with... turning 6! ♥

Alhamdulillah this coming 30 May 2015 marks my 6th year wedding anniversary.

We met way back when we were both in standard 1 - 4; and I moved to another school in standard 5. Fate brought us back to the path that crosses yearsssss down the road, some time in 2004/2005.

6 years of ups and downs. I pray for our jodoh to remain intact for as long as we are still alive in this ever challenging world.

Till death do us part, InsyaAllah.

So now what's in line for our wedding anniversary celebration dear husband? (heh not that he reads my blog.. i think).

We've discussed about it before, nothing fancy schmancy as we are saving for our holiday trip later part of this year (can't wait!!! ✿). Perhaps just a simple dinner followed by a movie date? (Pitch Perfect 2 at the Beanieplex maybe?  We've never been to one so this sounds like a perfect plan to me!)

Ok now let's see if my jodoh uses his telepathy to get the hint hehe. (or fineeee, I will just suggest it to him if his telepathic power fails to function as it should, especially during time like this  )

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