Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The one with... hear ye, hear ye!

So we brought Kazim for his follow-up check up last Friday. Alhamdulillah, his eardrums have sealed and he is definitely getting much better. He was sent to the Audiology department for hearing test and we were SO relieved when the test results came out - his hearing is all fine ^◕‿◕^

- One of the hearing tests: he had to listen to the signal of different frequencies and insert the colored chip upon hearing the signal. Passed with flying colours Alhamdulillah...-

What he had was this thing called 'Otitis Media' or in a layman term - middle ear infection. Now his paeds has two approaches - the aggressive one will be to go for the surgery route (the grommets insertion) as a preventive measure OR the passive one will be to go for the wait-and-see route; which means to do nothing coz so far it seems that he has recovered. As for Kazim's ENT doctor, he seems to be one with the passive mode.

As parents? Of course the word 'surgery' seems to be bizarre to handle :( Especially after seeing too much of Greys Anatomy hehe. Can't bear the thought of the body systems being meddled with, albeit for the better. We took comfort in the fact that his hearing test showed that his ears are functioning just fine, so we decided to choose the wait-and-see option and hope that this will never recur again, ever.

So there will be another follow-up check up in one month's time to come. Hopefully he is all fine by then and surgery will be totally unnecessary. 

For now, we really have to watch out on his flu (the root cause for his ear infection problem was the flu) and no water activities for some time to ensure his inner ears are completely healed. 

Hmmm that's gonna be a challenge especially that my in-laws have a trip planned in June that involves beach and swimming pool! 

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