Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The one with... sleep-cooking

Hehe is there such a term?

I still remember once I whined in this blog about feeling helpless in the kitchen department. Feeling tired everyday juggling with work, a little toddler and a little breast-fed baby, I found that cooking was such a taxing thing in life, then.

Surprise, surprise.. Look who’s been cooking for the family at least four days in a week! :) Alhamdulillah.

I guess once the kids get older, things get easier.


Hmm ok ‘easier’ maybe a bit of understatement. Mana boleh get easier ye tak. Haha toddlers and school-goers come with a set of challenge! What more when they turn teenagers (later!).

Well let’s just say, as a mother you somehow gets better with time. You somehow get the hang of things. You somehow will always want to provide the best for the family.

I chose to cook early in the morning before I go to work because I need to pack lunch for the 2Ks. And while doing it, I might as well cook a bigger portion to include dinner for us husband and wife too. Well, basically it’s the same dishes lah – lunch and dinner. Only thing is, if I got back from work early, I’ll add on additional dishes like telur dish, or fry ikan masin, or sambalkan the lunch dish. Talking about having a husband who loves something spicy in his meal, heh. And Kazim has the same traits too! It’s amazing to see how he can eat spicy food as compared to his elder brother and well, his mother :P

Plus nowadays traffic is super crazy. I always find myself reaching home after work when it’s almost sunset. And I’ll feel guilty if upon reaching home, I had to make way straight to the kitchen to start cooking instead of spending time with my 3Ks who always have something to share about their day. So if I cook in the morning, at least by the time I reach home all I had to do was to cook the rice and we all can sit down and have dinner together while exchanging stories about our day  Hubs will settle the dishes while I attend Khayr for his homework (if any) or reading. And we get to watch TV and play a bit with the 2Ks before sending them to sleep at 9.30pm. Sigh the night gets shorter in time, I feel.

So that’s the reason why I choose to cook in the morning, or rather, like this morning I think it was more of a sleep-cooking. Hehehe.

Masak sambil mata lekat2 sebab ngantuk! Woke up earlier than normal because today Khayr had his school trip, he had to be at school by 7.30am. So his breakfast needs to be ready by then and that also means I had to be in charge of Kazim because my husband had to send Khayr to school (he normally goes to school by van but because of the trip today, parents had to send the kids instead) - tag team at its best 

Anyways, as usual, its simple dishes like every other day. One must have kuah and one can be with or without. Today its paru goreng and sayur kacang panjang masak kicap with sotong. The paru goreng will be turned into paru goreng berlado tonight, if I reach home in time that is.

* boiling the paru with salt and ginger siap2 after bought and washed, then store it in freezer for later usage*

* ni lauk semalam - ikan kembong masak kicap cili and sayur kacang buncis goreng with udang*

My kids do take their veges, but they prefer the leafy type / can be soften type like potato and carrot. Their reason - bila telan tak rasa pon -__-'. So now we are teaching (forcing, heh) them to eat other types that are crunchier hence that explains why semalam kacang buncis and today is kacang panjang. Hehehe. Besok brocolli pulak ok? :)

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