Monday, 20 April 2015

The one with... seafood galore

Husband: Sayang, guess what. Harini ada banyak sotong...
Wife: Wahhh bestnya. Dia ada beli tak?
Husband: Harus lah ada. RM5 je sekilo! Udang pun dah beli.
Wife: Murahnya!! Yeayyy ok!
Husband: Ok, bye!

Whenever we are out-stationed, we rarely call each other because we will just use the Whatsapp. Well, except at night - we will have a face time session together with the kids. So recently when hubs was in KK and called me to update about his purchase of sotong and udang; and how excited I was about it, I couldn't help it but to giggle thinking about it. How so pakcik-makcik we've become. And how "romantic" was our conversation while being away from each other. Haha.

So with that, last week alone I cooked seafood dishes 3x out of our 5 days week.

- Paprik campur -

- Tomyam putih campur -

- Udang sweet sour and Sotong butter -

And during the recent weekend, we went for a short trip to Penang to attend a relative's wedding. Had seafood dinner on Saturday at Nurul Ikan Bakar Special located by that road side before the Penang bridge and on the way back to KL on Sunday, had mee udang at Port Weld.

- We'll normally dine at the famous Mak Jah's stall but the trip was with my father in law, and his preference was this stall. Not too bad -

So, Alhamdulillah for the seafood rezeki last week. Hmmm I think for a while lets steer clear of seafood yeah anak2 dan suami? :)

- Roaming around berdua at Bukit Bendera ❤ while anak2 enjoyed getting the attention from their atok, nenek, tok sedara, nek sedara, pak sedara and mak sedara :D -

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