Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The one with... school trip

Today Khayr had his second school trip for the year.

The first one was to the nearby mosque some time in February. He really learnt a lot from the trip - the dos and donts when being in a mosque.

And this second one was to the Zoo Negara to learn about animals. "I saw elephants, giraffes and tiger, mama." "Khayr ada tangkap gambar dengan pen-da (panda)" :)

I still remember last year when he started with the play school. The first trip was to the Farm In The City. Being one of those parents having the 'firsts' of many moments in the parents life - I took leave and actually played spy on that day. Hehe. Of course, I then learnt to let go as the second and the third trip took place. And now that he's 5yo attending a pre-school, I'm getting better at handling my feelings about letting go (albeit not entirely).

But hey can't blame parents like me, right? The world is not the same anymore :(

While having breakfast with him this morning before he left for the trip, I had to give him an earful of pesanan. "Remember, always stick to the group and follow your teachers" "Don't talk to/take something from strangers even if they offer you chocolates" and the classic one has got to be "Jangan dok galak sangat!".. Haaaa tu diaaaa so makcik makcik kan? Haha.

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