Monday, 13 April 2015

The one with... monday blues

A happy monday blues that is!

Finally decided to get my blog design revamped. Of course I had to get help from others. Me and HTML coding whatsoever = disaster! So anyway thank you, you! 

Now this is something that can make me feel motivated to keep on writing ッ

Butttttt. There's a but. My hubs and I are on this outstation berganti-ganti event so for now, time is not on my side.

Till the event is over! *insert sweat,smiley emoticon*


  1. comel sangat layout..keep writing!

  2. love it!!! can't wait for more stories to come =)

  3. dalie, -- awwww thanks! and hey you need to keep on writing too! i miss your writing! :)

    ain alida, -- terharuuuu there are still readers here :) and you need to come out with more stories too! hehe