Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The one with... mommy's-guilt moment

I normally will check Khayr's school bag for homework at night after dinner. And I'm pretty sure that I got it covered properly. I mean, how not to miss right? There's no two way about it - either ada homework, or takde homework.

On recent Sunday, imagine how I felt as a mother when I flipped through one of his activity book and found out this:


Oh my Godddddd, rasa nak pengsannnnn. Paling rasa nak pengsan was when I checked the date marked on that particular page... 26 March 2015. Last month?? Like how come I didn't notice there was homework on that day????? 

Worse, there were few more pages with different dates marked as 'not complete' (!). Apa niiiiii.. kenapa boleh tak perasan niiiiii. Sigh. I felt so bad. The teacher must have thought - poor this boy. His working mother doesn't care.......

Sobs but I do hope that somewhere there in his teacher's heart, she will still look at things from the good side, like "hmmm Khayr has done his homework for every other activity books. This particular book, perhaps it was an overlooked".

Yes teacher, yesssss... Saya terlepas pandang teacher! Guilty as charged.

Sheeeshhh this pic does not do justice on me, son.. -__-' and on your little brother too.
(By the way, check out the way Khayr wrote the date. hehe. Good thing the teacher managed to decipher)

So anyway that night, we had to go up early. Khayr complaint how come he had to do so many pages of his school book.. Hihi.

Kazim also had homework apparently. His imaginary teacher suruh :)

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