Monday, 27 April 2015

The one with... living on the SAHM lane ★

I am still on a 4-day week working arrangement - it has been 2 years already. I was hoping to move to the 3-day week, but still can't afford for it - both work commitment and monetary requirement wise. 

Nevertheless, a 4-day week is definitely something than nothing :)

So Friday is my off day. The day I get to have a taste of what is it like to be a full time even just for a day. The dream of almost every working mother I know, own self included.

Flashing back to the recent Friday. My routine as a one day SAHM usually started from the Thursday night itself. After the kids are asleep I'd like to start my laundry immediately so that my weekend will be free from having to do laundry. Normally it involves 2-3 rounds of loads. And in between, I'll spend some me-time to catch up what I've missed for the week 

Yes, yes, I know Astro is so many episodes behind. Spoilers were everywhere about McDreamy. Sigh 

And then Friday morning comes. The morning I do not have to wake up in a rush to cook. I'll bathe the 2Ks, get them ready and make them a breakfast. We will then have breakfast together while waiting for Khayr's school van to arrive at around 7.40am ~ 7.50am.

After Khayr goes off to school, then it'll be just me and Kazim. (Oh and on Friday normally hubs will go to work early because every other day he'll be, well, not so early - helping me with the 2Ks and whatnots. So that's why he's not in the breakfast scene together with us).

I'll then put out the laundry I did the night before outside the house to leave it to dry and admire the scene for a while. Often I'll feel "wow macam kedai dobi!" hehehe. Coz I don't normally do laundry in the middle of the week.

Spent some play time with Kazim, kemas dapur, kemas apa2 yang patut and before long, he will doze off for his morning nap.

And that is the cue for another me-time.. Hehe.

Friday also means my most-cheats day. In the pic, that is the last slice of Kazim's birthday ice-cream cake I found exists in our freezer that is still good to go. Well, finder's a keeper! Hehe. I had that while watching the re-run of SATC. Nyams!

Well, I think we wives/mothers, we are born to be 'tak reti duduk diam'. Especially if we are at our own crib. (Think confinement, work from home, medical condition whereby we are asked to be bedridden for a while, and the like). I can't sit still in front of the TV for long not doing anything productive for the day. So I'll just find anything that I can do around the house (basic things like vacuuming, mopping, ironing and cleaning the toilet are covered by the weekly helper who comes every early of the week). During the recent Friday, I decided to clean my fridge. Row by row, compartment by compartment. So satisfying! :)

When Khayr is back from school, that is the cue to start preparing lunch. There are days when I feel lazy to cook so I'll bring them out for an outing - we do lunch and play/art time together. But weather is SO hot nowadays I feel like lazying around the house for the past couple of Fridays. The recent Friday included.

Gave them some snacks to eat while they get to choose a cartoon of their choice, and off I went to the kitchen. Normally I'll prepare nothing fancy, just a simple one for them. They love pasta and pasta dish is always easy peasy to do :)

Aglio olio for them, roasted chicken for me.

And then the activity for rest of the evening varies from one Friday to another. Some times I'd like to welcome my husband from work with "Honey! Dinner is ready.. go and clean up and lets have dinner together". But most of time I'll welcome him with "Erghhh Khayr Kazim harini asyik bergaduh je. Stress la. I'm so tired. Blablablabla. Jom dinner kat luar lah harini. Orang nak makan sedap2".

Amboiiii baru satu hari jadi SAHM dah stress bagai mintak reward semua hehehe 

Last Friday, hubs got back early from work. He reached home around 3.45pm macam tu. So we decided to bring the kids to watch the Avengers!

At 3.45pm, there were only 3 sold tickets for the 4.45pm show. Nice!

Don't worry, no spoilers.

That was the 2K's first non-cartoon movie. With one popcorn each, Alhamdulillah they behaved well. Well, except a biiiiit on Kazim la, he likes to talk out loud in the cinema. Kalau time cerita cartoon takpe lah kan coz there will be other kids like Kazim, who likes to talk to the screen out loud. Ni cerita Avengers. 
Heh -__-' Nasib baik it was a show petang on a working day, so tak ramai sangat orang.

So, that's about it. The life of a SAHM that I get to taste every Friday :) 

Here, the way it is written may sounds so simple and not much fulfilling.

Truth is, it is SO opposite simple (hehe) but definitely 100% rewarding! 

Eh! (hehehe told you I cheat the most on Friday!)

There. The best reward 


  1. "Or there'll be time I'll welcome him with "Erghhh Khayr Kazim harini asyik bergaduh je. Stress la. I'm so tired. Blablablabla" - This!!! is what i have to go through on daily basis =| bila dua beradik ni bergaduh, rasa penat+stress satu macam. selalu doa everyday for no drama day. but somehow that day is hard to be found. have to pray harder for the boys to get along well everyday then! amin

    1. Aminnnnn. I always wonder, is it a boys thing? Coz 2Ks until now stilllll fight even over the smallest of thing. Haihhhh. I cannot imagine how are you dealing with it on a daily basis hehehe but hey, think about the big rewards ok? :) And make sure you claim from your hubby your share of rewards too!