Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The one with... THE list (again)

As usual, dah lying down ngantuk but otak sebok buat list.

1. Nak masak apa besokkkkk?
2. And what's for breakfast?
3. To ask MiL the name of that sayur I bought at Pasar Malam yesterday. They had this deal of '3 sayur = RM5'. So I took kacang buncis, bayam, and this one green, leafy vege of which the name I do not know (-_-')
4. To put aside 2Ks to-wear clothes
5. To pass Liana's baju to Mama
6. To read the meeting materials that I brought back home
7. To do e-filing!
8. To sleeeepppp! Need my beauty sleep. Day trip to Melaka was so tiring. Age is catching up!

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