Saturday, 4 April 2015

The one with... kids will always be kids

Accident happened in the kitchen just now.


Husband was watching TV. I just came down from upstairs after having my shower when I heard a noise in the kitchen followed by a loud cry from Khayr.

"Tangan Khayr darah!!! Tangan Khayr darah!!!"

I tell you my heart skipped a beat and as I rushed through to the kitchen I straight away scolded him saying "what did you do? kenapa darah ni?!"

Sigh I don't know why parents have to show their love and care through scolding sometimes but I do know that I'm one of those parents now -__-'

We had this little Ikea stool placed at the sink area to assist the 2Ks washing their hands after meal and for Khayr to move it around to assist him to switch on the light of the kitchen's toilet as well as the play room.

Being the curious little kids, apparently he and the little brother climb up the stool to take a knife, to repair their toy trucks. And the rest is history....

Sigh. Thankfully he just had a cut at his left hand middle finger, quite a deep one but the worst could have happened. Especially that Kazim was standing nearby as well. A lot of the what-ifs worst case scenarios played in mind Nauzubillah...

But yeah I realised sometimes husband and I, we forgot that he is just a little kid still. He's already 5yo and he is the eldest so we always expect him to know better hence the tendency to scold him at the first instance. Sobs. But we always ensure that we reasoned our actions to him after that though. *mother's guilt*

The incident somehow gave them quite a lesson about the danger of playing with kitchen stuff especially knives and scissors, but Alhamdulillah that did not deter them from offering themselves to be my sous-chef later during dinner time ❤️ 

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