Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The one with... duduk diam2

I was just talking about how we women are the creature of 'tak boleh duduk diam' in my previous entry. And somebody has to eat her own words now (-_-')

Such a silly mishaps. Sigh. Got down from my colleague's car after a meeting, slammed the door and smashed my own finger. Worse, colleague did not realise it and drove off. Thank God she didn't speed up or anything, but I had to scream and knock the window to make her stop so that I can release my finger.

X-ray results came and turned out I had a crack fracture. And was given 3 days of MC. Coupled with the long weekend to come, that's 7 days long of resting time.

My hubs said that I have a night view of the KL city nicely crafted on my thumb's nail - sheesh he surely does know how to console me! 

Not sure whether its a yay or a nay situation. It involves my right thumb so I'm pretty much temporarily handicapped. It's hard to do things because without my Mr Thumb, I cannot get a grip of things. Heck I can't even tie my hair, let alone doing other stuff. Trying to put a Nutella spread on my son's bread yesterday was really a struggle. Sigh. I feel helpless.

So that's basically means...
  •  cooking
  •  washing dishes
  •  lifting stuff
  • well.. ✗ the most of things

Such a bummer right. Eating is painful. Even typing this is a challenge.

Hubs has helped to download all the episodes of the latest season of Grey's Anatomy. Guess I'll just bummed around watching those even though the thrilled element is not the same anymore with the spoilers leakage.

So duduk diam2 it is, I shall.


  1. Hello :)

    ouch that looks painful. Take Care and get well soon!

    1. Hi you! :)

      It is, indeed painful.. sobs. Thanks for the well wishes, that's very thoughtful of you :)