Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The one with... drama VS reality

Yeay my husband is coming back today! Which means it marks the end of my role as a single parent phewwwww. Not easy, I’m sure you know because that’s life as we know it.

Speaking of single parent, I’m not sure about you but I notice a lot of broken marriage happening around me these days. Sad truth :( It’s kind of alarming to see that a marriage can go wrong so early in its journey. I mean, I don’t intend to question the fate of God here.. It just.. I couldn’t help it but to wonder, “why???”

If dulu, I observed marriage goes wrong when anak2 dah besar (so macam less tag-team parenting involved(?)), or when the marriage has gone past 10years of age (no more sparks(?)), or when the couple has reached their 40s (life begins(?)). But now… At the age of late-20s / early-30s, some have even re-married with a different person! It’s so mind disturbing like, how and why it happens so early.

Well, actually more of how and why it happens in the first place.

Sedih lah.. And it is even sadder to learn that, you know those relationship dramas shown on TV? It is happening in real life, like for real.

…Having affair at work place.
…Woman dating someone’s husband and started to act as if she owns the whole of that guy by asking the guy to leave not only the wife, but the kids too.
…A long distant married couple who fall apart, because of the distance.
…A partner who is a player.
...A partner who decided to go back to his/her ex-lover during school days/uni days.
...A husband who cheated while the wife was going through confinement (!!!).

And many more. Even more unfortunate, there are kids involved in every scene. Sadly more often than not most of the people in the society (family members, close friends) cannot, or rather, chose not to, interfere to help with the situation. Well, ok to be fair, there's not much we can do. But at least some words of advice, to discourage such an act?

Sigh. I don't know. As always, when it comes to the matter of heart, it's complicated.

Okie dokie I do not want to dwell so much in this topic any further because it’s super sensitive and also because they said “until you are in the same shoes then you will know”. True. But I had my fair share too, experiencing it through family members and relatives. So I had some ideas, and with that I always, alwayssss do pray to Allah that I don’t have to experience it myself. Please...mintak dijauhkan.. ╯_'  InsyaAllah...

This morning on the way to send Kazim to his caretaker, at the red light stop, he saw me skimming through the Instagram timeline. I was looking through Vin Diesel's account actually (uwaaaa so touching to see him updating pics with the late Paul Walker sobs) and Kazim asked me "Siapa tu Mama?".
I gave him a simple answer of "Oooo ni kawan Mama niii.."
To my amazement Kazim said "Eeeee Mama kan kawan dengan Abah. Mana boleh kawan dengan lelaki... eeeee".
See, even my 3yo knows the line not to cross.. (geez son, Vin Diesel didn't stand a chance? ツ)

Anyways, here's to a long life marital bliss wishes for everyone. May Allah bless the marriage we entered into, here in the world and thereafter. Aminnnnn.

- Chilling at the verandah with my colleague on one fine rainy evening, talking about just this topic. 
It is happening everywhere guys, across all races. Sigh Sigh Sigh -
*Taken during my recent company trip to Avani Sepang (relative to the price they charge, this place is not worth it, I feel)*

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