Thursday, 2 April 2015

The one with... 2Ks 5th and 3rd birthday party

Since our boys are both February babies, we thought it’s a good idea to have just one combined party for both. And because kids’ party nowadays are always fancy smancy, we decided to do it once every 2 years – for now, that is :)

And then came 2015 - Khayr turns 5 and Kazim turns 3.

We took a while to decide whether or not to proceed with having the party for them because, tau je lah.. Beginning of the year was always the busiest – the start of new year, work, school, kids arrangement yadda yadda and not to mention, heavy cash flows too with the spilled over effect coming from the year-end holiday trips.

So as we were contemplating – to do or not to do, and as the clock ticking and time passing by, suddenly few ‘hints’ came to me and with my menteri kewangan’s blessings (that’s my husband, fyi) we were so excited to have it done at a fire station! We know the 2Ks will definitely love it – they are both a fan of cars and trucks and the likes, especially those with siren. So fire station is definitely a brilliant idea.

Oh by the way, yes, I also didn’t know that we can do birthday party at the fire station.

So basically you need to call them, ask who you need to speak to in order to request for authorisation (and whether that particular station can have birthday party done there), agree verbally, and followed with a formal letter and a meet up, or two.

2Ks were already feeling excited with the site visit we had at the fire station. We went 2 times prior to the actual day to meet the Ketua Balai, and to see how to deco the place. After the second visit, Kazim had the chick to ask me “Bila kita nak pergi balai polis pulak mama?” :D

This entry is a tribute to the firemen team of Balai Bomba Jalan Jelatek for their nice hospitality and cooperation. Thank you so much! You guys rocks! 
Firemen cookies ♥
Main table props
Main table and candy buffet ★

Go and rescue people, sons.. :D

We can do this, little brother.
My 2Ks... the love of my life  

Happy birthday to you! ♫ ♪♫ ♪

Sound the alarm! ☼
My excited husband who got to ride with them boys.. (I'm not jealous! -____-')


Bomba cilik :)

Le familia
For the next edition of Kalendar Bomba :D
My uni friends
My highschool friends
My blogger friends
My gombak friends

Something for the kids to bring back home as a token :) Its the choc chip cookies freshly baked by Bake n Grin - done by my in-laws. Check out their FB page or Instagram by the name 'bakengrin'

So Alhamdulillah, the party went well and the kids (and parents) had so much fun! The kids get to do pretend-play being firemen for the day, riding the fire engine with the siren on cruising that busy Jalan Jelatek - Pasar Keramat - Jalan Jelatek route, and put out the real fire flames! ツ

Suffice to say, my kids ambition is still wanting to be a fireman.. :D

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