Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The one with... duduk diam2

I was just talking about how we women are the creature of 'tak boleh duduk diam' in my previous entry. And somebody has to eat her own words now (-_-')

Such a silly mishaps. Sigh. Got down from my colleague's car after a meeting, slammed the door and smashed my own finger. Worse, colleague did not realise it and drove off. Thank God she didn't speed up or anything, but I had to scream and knock the window to make her stop so that I can release my finger.

X-ray results came and turned out I had a crack fracture. And was given 3 days of MC. Coupled with the long weekend to come, that's 7 days long of resting time.

My hubs said that I have a night view of the KL city nicely crafted on my thumb's nail - sheesh he surely does know how to console me! 

Not sure whether its a yay or a nay situation. It involves my right thumb so I'm pretty much temporarily handicapped. It's hard to do things because without my Mr Thumb, I cannot get a grip of things. Heck I can't even tie my hair, let alone doing other stuff. Trying to put a Nutella spread on my son's bread yesterday was really a struggle. Sigh. I feel helpless.

So that's basically means...
  •  cooking
  •  washing dishes
  •  lifting stuff
  • well.. ✗ the most of things

Such a bummer right. Eating is painful. Even typing this is a challenge.

Hubs has helped to download all the episodes of the latest season of Grey's Anatomy. Guess I'll just bummed around watching those even though the thrilled element is not the same anymore with the spoilers leakage.

So duduk diam2 it is, I shall.

Monday, 27 April 2015

The one with... living on the SAHM lane ★

I am still on a 4-day week working arrangement - it has been 2 years already. I was hoping to move to the 3-day week, but still can't afford for it - both work commitment and monetary requirement wise. 

Nevertheless, a 4-day week is definitely something than nothing :)

So Friday is my off day. The day I get to have a taste of what is it like to be a full time even just for a day. The dream of almost every working mother I know, own self included.

Flashing back to the recent Friday. My routine as a one day SAHM usually started from the Thursday night itself. After the kids are asleep I'd like to start my laundry immediately so that my weekend will be free from having to do laundry. Normally it involves 2-3 rounds of loads. And in between, I'll spend some me-time to catch up what I've missed for the week 

Yes, yes, I know Astro is so many episodes behind. Spoilers were everywhere about McDreamy. Sigh 

And then Friday morning comes. The morning I do not have to wake up in a rush to cook. I'll bathe the 2Ks, get them ready and make them a breakfast. We will then have breakfast together while waiting for Khayr's school van to arrive at around 7.40am ~ 7.50am.

After Khayr goes off to school, then it'll be just me and Kazim. (Oh and on Friday normally hubs will go to work early because every other day he'll be, well, not so early - helping me with the 2Ks and whatnots. So that's why he's not in the breakfast scene together with us).

I'll then put out the laundry I did the night before outside the house to leave it to dry and admire the scene for a while. Often I'll feel "wow macam kedai dobi!" hehehe. Coz I don't normally do laundry in the middle of the week.

Spent some play time with Kazim, kemas dapur, kemas apa2 yang patut and before long, he will doze off for his morning nap.

And that is the cue for another me-time.. Hehe.

Friday also means my most-cheats day. In the pic, that is the last slice of Kazim's birthday ice-cream cake I found exists in our freezer that is still good to go. Well, finder's a keeper! Hehe. I had that while watching the re-run of SATC. Nyams!

Well, I think we wives/mothers, we are born to be 'tak reti duduk diam'. Especially if we are at our own crib. (Think confinement, work from home, medical condition whereby we are asked to be bedridden for a while, and the like). I can't sit still in front of the TV for long not doing anything productive for the day. So I'll just find anything that I can do around the house (basic things like vacuuming, mopping, ironing and cleaning the toilet are covered by the weekly helper who comes every early of the week). During the recent Friday, I decided to clean my fridge. Row by row, compartment by compartment. So satisfying! :)

When Khayr is back from school, that is the cue to start preparing lunch. There are days when I feel lazy to cook so I'll bring them out for an outing - we do lunch and play/art time together. But weather is SO hot nowadays I feel like lazying around the house for the past couple of Fridays. The recent Friday included.

Gave them some snacks to eat while they get to choose a cartoon of their choice, and off I went to the kitchen. Normally I'll prepare nothing fancy, just a simple one for them. They love pasta and pasta dish is always easy peasy to do :)

Aglio olio for them, roasted chicken for me.

And then the activity for rest of the evening varies from one Friday to another. Some times I'd like to welcome my husband from work with "Honey! Dinner is ready.. go and clean up and lets have dinner together". But most of time I'll welcome him with "Erghhh Khayr Kazim harini asyik bergaduh je. Stress la. I'm so tired. Blablablabla. Jom dinner kat luar lah harini. Orang nak makan sedap2".

Amboiiii baru satu hari jadi SAHM dah stress bagai mintak reward semua hehehe 

Last Friday, hubs got back early from work. He reached home around 3.45pm macam tu. So we decided to bring the kids to watch the Avengers!

At 3.45pm, there were only 3 sold tickets for the 4.45pm show. Nice!

Don't worry, no spoilers.

That was the 2K's first non-cartoon movie. With one popcorn each, Alhamdulillah they behaved well. Well, except a biiiiit on Kazim la, he likes to talk out loud in the cinema. Kalau time cerita cartoon takpe lah kan coz there will be other kids like Kazim, who likes to talk to the screen out loud. Ni cerita Avengers. 
Heh -__-' Nasib baik it was a show petang on a working day, so tak ramai sangat orang.

So, that's about it. The life of a SAHM that I get to taste every Friday :) 

Here, the way it is written may sounds so simple and not much fulfilling.

Truth is, it is SO opposite simple (hehe) but definitely 100% rewarding! 

Eh! (hehehe told you I cheat the most on Friday!)

There. The best reward 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The one with... mother's instinct

I think we women, more often than not we are blessed with good women instinct
- as a wife, and as a mother especially.

Kazim has been having temperature for the past 2 days. This morning, before leaving for work I wanted to take measure of his temperature using the ear thermometer. And I was so shocked to see there's this mucus-look-alike liquid coming out from his right ear.

I wanted to put up the picture here but it'll be too gross. So I'll skip that.

I wiped off the liquid with tissue and using a torchlight function of my iPhone, I took a peek into his ear and saw more liquid-ish stuff.

This cannot be good :(

But a father being a father, my husband said it could be just something minor and one off thing. He said, let's monitor it for another day before deciding whether or not to bring Kazim to see the pediatrician. To my husband, Kazim satisfies the following 'alarming' checklist:
  • ✗ temperature
  • ✗ signs of discomfort
  • ✗ unusual behavior
  •  eats well
  •  drinks well
Well, kind of true actually.

So we continued on with life like normal. We got ready for work, and my husband left first to drop Kazim at the caretaker's house while I left shortly after to go to my office. He had a meeting at 9am and I had a meeting to attend at 11am.

Throughout my journey to office, I kept thinking about Kazim and the image of his ear I saw in the morning kept on flashing before my eyes. I was having this Gollum moment, playing question and answer with myself.

Did I do the right thing by going to work?
Yeah, he's fine. He looks ok.
But what if the situation worsen?
No lah, he should be ok. Worse come to worst, can always bring him to the hospital later.
But if go hospital after work, we wouldn't have the chance to see the paeds. We will just be seeing the MO on duty.
Nothing to worry lah, he's a tough cookie. Plus he has a temperature no more. So he definitely is getting better. Maybe that discharge from his ear is a sign that he's getting better.
I mean, he is definitely getting better right?
Hmm that didn't sound convincing did it?
Well, ok what does your instinct tells you?

And it was when I almost entered the car park building near my office when I was being determined that I need to bring Kazim to see the pediatrician. Made a u-turn, called the boss and the colleague to inform that I have to call for emergency time off, and went I make my way back to the caretaker's house near my mom's house to pick Kazim.

I text-ed husband about it, and said, I had to do it. Normally I agree on the emergency checklist. But this. I had to follow my mother's instinct. It was too strong to ignore.

And lucky enough I made that decision. When I picked Kazim, the discharge was filling up his ear it almost spills :( I wiped it a bit, not wanting to wipe off completely the 'evidence' that the paeds need to see. This definitely calls for a visit to the paeds clinic 

Upon reaching the clinic, we were given the priority - we were called in to the see the paeds immediately. Sigh. I learnt that Kazim had an ear infection to the point it may have affected the ear drum, and hence the pus that's coming out of the ear :(

Worst, this is the second time he's having it after he had it last month (yes, he had it last month, but no pus whatsoever). So, 2 months in a row = not good.

Thing is the paeds can't examine the inner side of the ear further because the view is blocked by the pus. So he gave us the ear-drop together with the antibiotics to clear it first, before us having to come again for a follow up. He was surprised when I told him that Kazim didn't show any signs of ear pain or discomfort. 

Well, that's the thing about Kazim. Throughout the 3y2m of his life, he rarely displays signs of weakness whenever he's under the weather. Almost to, never. Which always making it difficult for us to exercise our judgment on the seriousness of things that he's undergoing. He can be all active, eating and drinking well despite having a 40degC temperature. I still remember there's this one time when we were having a snorkeling trip, we discovered that Kazim had a mouthful of ulcers accompanied with fever. And yet, he insisted on joining us to swim and playing by the beach.

One.tough.cookie. this fella.


The paeds went on by answering all my doubts and worries (gotta love this paeds!) and he had me all teary at 'Grommet Insertion'. A term he's referring to when he talks about the procedure he's inclining to do; subject to our next visit.


What is Grommet Insertion? He explained to me in a laymen term just now, with a drawing of how the procedures will be performed.

Based on a quick google search, here goes:

How do grommets work?

Grommets maintain normal middle ear pressure by allowing air into the space on the other side of the ear drum, from the outside. This reduces the risk of fluid building up in that space. If an ear infection does occur, the resultant pus flows out through the grommet, limiting the pain your child suffers. If your child develops an ear infection with grommets in place, your doctor can use topical treatments (such as prescribed ear drops which are put directly into the ear) rather then oral antibiotics. Studies have shown that topical treatments are more effective than oral antibiotics in treating discharging ears.

When might my child need grommets?

Grommets may be recommended for glue ear that won't clear up or for frequent episodes of acute middle ear infections; as a general guideline, if your child has had:
  • middle ear fluid (glue ear) for more than three months, depending on the degree of hearing loss

  • six acute ear infections in one year, especially if the infections have occurred in both ears

  • repeat infections through the summer months, when such infections should be less likely to occur

  • previous complications because of ear infections

How successful is the operation?

With grommets in place, any hearing loss caused by the pre-existing fluid in the space behind the ear drum will be reversed.
Parents often report a better quality of life for their children after grommet insertion with better sleeping and overall behaviour.

Who will perform the operation?

A specialist ENT (ear nose and throat) surgeon (also known as an otolaryngologist or ORL surgeon) will perform the operation.

What happens to my child during the operation?

  • your child will require a brief general anaesthetic

  • a small slit is made in the drum and the grommet is inserted into this

  • the surgery usually takes about ten to 15 minutes

What can my child expect after the operation?

There is not usually any pain in the ears after grommet insertion. Although your child may be a little unsettled at first, they are usually back to normal after a few hours. They can usually return to school the following day.
Sobs. I don't know whether I have that many readers here. But I appreciate it if you can drop a comment or two to share what do you know about this through your own experience or others; just to calm the nervous mother here. Huhu.

Praying for the best of his health. I'm glad I followed my mother's instinct and got my priority right this morning.

Brotherly love 
(Pic taken last month, when Kazim was admitted because of mycoplasma pneumonia )

Monday, 20 April 2015

The one with... seafood galore

Husband: Sayang, guess what. Harini ada banyak sotong...
Wife: Wahhh bestnya. Dia ada beli tak?
Husband: Harus lah ada. RM5 je sekilo! Udang pun dah beli.
Wife: Murahnya!! Yeayyy ok!
Husband: Ok, bye!

Whenever we are out-stationed, we rarely call each other because we will just use the Whatsapp. Well, except at night - we will have a face time session together with the kids. So recently when hubs was in KK and called me to update about his purchase of sotong and udang; and how excited I was about it, I couldn't help it but to giggle thinking about it. How so pakcik-makcik we've become. And how "romantic" was our conversation while being away from each other. Haha.

So with that, last week alone I cooked seafood dishes 3x out of our 5 days week.

- Paprik campur -

- Tomyam putih campur -

- Udang sweet sour and Sotong butter -

And during the recent weekend, we went for a short trip to Penang to attend a relative's wedding. Had seafood dinner on Saturday at Nurul Ikan Bakar Special located by that road side before the Penang bridge and on the way back to KL on Sunday, had mee udang at Port Weld.

- We'll normally dine at the famous Mak Jah's stall but the trip was with my father in law, and his preference was this stall. Not too bad -

So, Alhamdulillah for the seafood rezeki last week. Hmmm I think for a while lets steer clear of seafood yeah anak2 dan suami? :)

- Roaming around berdua at Bukit Bendera ❤ while anak2 enjoyed getting the attention from their atok, nenek, tok sedara, nek sedara, pak sedara and mak sedara :D -

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The one with... mommy's-guilt moment

I normally will check Khayr's school bag for homework at night after dinner. And I'm pretty sure that I got it covered properly. I mean, how not to miss right? There's no two way about it - either ada homework, or takde homework.

On recent Sunday, imagine how I felt as a mother when I flipped through one of his activity book and found out this:


Oh my Godddddd, rasa nak pengsannnnn. Paling rasa nak pengsan was when I checked the date marked on that particular page... 26 March 2015. Last month?? Like how come I didn't notice there was homework on that day????? 

Worse, there were few more pages with different dates marked as 'not complete' (!). Apa niiiiii.. kenapa boleh tak perasan niiiiii. Sigh. I felt so bad. The teacher must have thought - poor this boy. His working mother doesn't care.......

Sobs but I do hope that somewhere there in his teacher's heart, she will still look at things from the good side, like "hmmm Khayr has done his homework for every other activity books. This particular book, perhaps it was an overlooked".

Yes teacher, yesssss... Saya terlepas pandang teacher! Guilty as charged.

Sheeeshhh this pic does not do justice on me, son.. -__-' and on your little brother too.
(By the way, check out the way Khayr wrote the date. hehe. Good thing the teacher managed to decipher)

So anyway that night, we had to go up early. Khayr complaint how come he had to do so many pages of his school book.. Hihi.

Kazim also had homework apparently. His imaginary teacher suruh :)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The one with... drama VS reality

Yeay my husband is coming back today! Which means it marks the end of my role as a single parent phewwwww. Not easy, I’m sure you know because that’s life as we know it.

Speaking of single parent, I’m not sure about you but I notice a lot of broken marriage happening around me these days. Sad truth :( It’s kind of alarming to see that a marriage can go wrong so early in its journey. I mean, I don’t intend to question the fate of God here.. It just.. I couldn’t help it but to wonder, “why???”

If dulu, I observed marriage goes wrong when anak2 dah besar (so macam less tag-team parenting involved(?)), or when the marriage has gone past 10years of age (no more sparks(?)), or when the couple has reached their 40s (life begins(?)). But now… At the age of late-20s / early-30s, some have even re-married with a different person! It’s so mind disturbing like, how and why it happens so early.

Well, actually more of how and why it happens in the first place.

Sedih lah.. And it is even sadder to learn that, you know those relationship dramas shown on TV? It is happening in real life, like for real.

…Having affair at work place.
…Woman dating someone’s husband and started to act as if she owns the whole of that guy by asking the guy to leave not only the wife, but the kids too.
…A long distant married couple who fall apart, because of the distance.
…A partner who is a player.
...A partner who decided to go back to his/her ex-lover during school days/uni days.
...A husband who cheated while the wife was going through confinement (!!!).

And many more. Even more unfortunate, there are kids involved in every scene. Sadly more often than not most of the people in the society (family members, close friends) cannot, or rather, chose not to, interfere to help with the situation. Well, ok to be fair, there's not much we can do. But at least some words of advice, to discourage such an act?

Sigh. I don't know. As always, when it comes to the matter of heart, it's complicated.

Okie dokie I do not want to dwell so much in this topic any further because it’s super sensitive and also because they said “until you are in the same shoes then you will know”. True. But I had my fair share too, experiencing it through family members and relatives. So I had some ideas, and with that I always, alwayssss do pray to Allah that I don’t have to experience it myself. Please...mintak dijauhkan.. ╯_'  InsyaAllah...

This morning on the way to send Kazim to his caretaker, at the red light stop, he saw me skimming through the Instagram timeline. I was looking through Vin Diesel's account actually (uwaaaa so touching to see him updating pics with the late Paul Walker sobs) and Kazim asked me "Siapa tu Mama?".
I gave him a simple answer of "Oooo ni kawan Mama niii.."
To my amazement Kazim said "Eeeee Mama kan kawan dengan Abah. Mana boleh kawan dengan lelaki... eeeee".
See, even my 3yo knows the line not to cross.. (geez son, Vin Diesel didn't stand a chance? ツ)

Anyways, here's to a long life marital bliss wishes for everyone. May Allah bless the marriage we entered into, here in the world and thereafter. Aminnnnn.

- Chilling at the verandah with my colleague on one fine rainy evening, talking about just this topic. 
It is happening everywhere guys, across all races. Sigh Sigh Sigh -
*Taken during my recent company trip to Avani Sepang (relative to the price they charge, this place is not worth it, I feel)*

Monday, 13 April 2015

The one with... monday blues

A happy monday blues that is!

Finally decided to get my blog design revamped. Of course I had to get help from others. Me and HTML coding whatsoever = disaster! So anyway thank you, you! 

Now this is something that can make me feel motivated to keep on writing ッ

Butttttt. There's a but. My hubs and I are on this outstation berganti-ganti event so for now, time is not on my side.

Till the event is over! *insert sweat,smiley emoticon*

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The one with... THE list (again)

As usual, dah lying down ngantuk but otak sebok buat list.

1. Nak masak apa besokkkkk?
2. And what's for breakfast?
3. To ask MiL the name of that sayur I bought at Pasar Malam yesterday. They had this deal of '3 sayur = RM5'. So I took kacang buncis, bayam, and this one green, leafy vege of which the name I do not know (-_-')
4. To put aside 2Ks to-wear clothes
5. To pass Liana's baju to Mama
6. To read the meeting materials that I brought back home
7. To do e-filing!
8. To sleeeepppp! Need my beauty sleep. Day trip to Melaka was so tiring. Age is catching up!

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The one with... big-cheat day

Post-breastfeeding, I have been gaining weight. Didn't realise how true it is when they say breastfeeding DOES burn a lot of calories. Not until I saw the numbers on the scale one fine day after I have stopped breastfeeding for 5 months. Shocking! (Eh but hello, no surprise there ok doink. Should have known it judging from the tighter clothing and bigger thigh! ๏̯̃๏)

So that was it. My wake up call, a slap in the face, a knock on my head. I knew I had to do something. It's either I get pregnant again (haha) or need to watch my diet (don't ask me to exercise).

I chose the latter and I was pretty determined about it. Alhamdulillah I saw results. I myself couldn't believe how strong-willed I became with my diet until I realised, wow, I have not been eating rice for 4 months already! 

Why stopped at month 4? Well I did not intend to actually :(

Had a meeting in Melaka today and client brought us to this beriani eating place. I just can't imagine what would be their reaction if I were to say "Oh sorry, I don't eat rice". Like, it will definitely be worst than the reaction when people say "Oh sorry I don't eat vegetables / fruits".

Nice and cosy house-turned-restaurant set up located at Jalan Mangga.

Asked them for just a half-portion of rice, and managed to hold myself from finishing it all.

Tasted damn nice, and not to mention, sinful too...  o_O 

They say once a cheater, always a cheater. Well, of course I had my cheat day. But this. This is the huge cheat I've committed in this 4 months. (Eh but Garrett popcorn is as big? or bigger? ). 

Monday, 6 April 2015

The one with... THE list

You know that movie 'I Dont Know How She Does It' ?

The part when Kate narrated "A recent study showed that women with young children don't sleep through the night. Researchers were at a loss to explain why. They could have asked me. Instead of sleeping, I do The List."

How apt. Heh.

So yeah, here I am lying down tossing and turning, making THE list.

1. Keluarkan ikan from freezer.
2. Put aside the kids to-wear clothes.
3. Pay Khayr's school and transport fees.
4. Leave cash for the weekly helper.
5. Keluarkan frozen samosa from freezer.
6. Must make move to office latest by 8.30am.
7. Put aside baju2 to be ironed.
8. SLEEP!!!

(Not bad. THE list is rather short tonight I reckon.)

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

The one with... kids will always be kids

Accident happened in the kitchen just now.


Husband was watching TV. I just came down from upstairs after having my shower when I heard a noise in the kitchen followed by a loud cry from Khayr.

"Tangan Khayr darah!!! Tangan Khayr darah!!!"

I tell you my heart skipped a beat and as I rushed through to the kitchen I straight away scolded him saying "what did you do? kenapa darah ni?!"

Sigh I don't know why parents have to show their love and care through scolding sometimes but I do know that I'm one of those parents now -__-'

We had this little Ikea stool placed at the sink area to assist the 2Ks washing their hands after meal and for Khayr to move it around to assist him to switch on the light of the kitchen's toilet as well as the play room.

Being the curious little kids, apparently he and the little brother climb up the stool to take a knife, to repair their toy trucks. And the rest is history....

Sigh. Thankfully he just had a cut at his left hand middle finger, quite a deep one but the worst could have happened. Especially that Kazim was standing nearby as well. A lot of the what-ifs worst case scenarios played in mind Nauzubillah...

But yeah I realised sometimes husband and I, we forgot that he is just a little kid still. He's already 5yo and he is the eldest so we always expect him to know better hence the tendency to scold him at the first instance. Sobs. But we always ensure that we reasoned our actions to him after that though. *mother's guilt*

The incident somehow gave them quite a lesson about the danger of playing with kitchen stuff especially knives and scissors, but Alhamdulillah that did not deter them from offering themselves to be my sous-chef later during dinner time ❤️ 

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Friday, 3 April 2015

The one with... movie date.

When the kids get older, one thing for sure (more and more) movie dates managed to find their way back to the parents life :)

Ticket purchased - pre GST
Garrett purchased - eve GST
Our fair share of the 'panic buying' outbreak hehe.

In loving memory of Paul ❤ (and Han.. and Gisele) 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The one with... 2Ks 5th and 3rd birthday party

Since our boys are both February babies, we thought it’s a good idea to have just one combined party for both. And because kids’ party nowadays are always fancy smancy, we decided to do it once every 2 years – for now, that is :)

And then came 2015 - Khayr turns 5 and Kazim turns 3.

We took a while to decide whether or not to proceed with having the party for them because, tau je lah.. Beginning of the year was always the busiest – the start of new year, work, school, kids arrangement yadda yadda and not to mention, heavy cash flows too with the spilled over effect coming from the year-end holiday trips.

So as we were contemplating – to do or not to do, and as the clock ticking and time passing by, suddenly few ‘hints’ came to me and with my menteri kewangan’s blessings (that’s my husband, fyi) we were so excited to have it done at a fire station! We know the 2Ks will definitely love it – they are both a fan of cars and trucks and the likes, especially those with siren. So fire station is definitely a brilliant idea.

Oh by the way, yes, I also didn’t know that we can do birthday party at the fire station.

So basically you need to call them, ask who you need to speak to in order to request for authorisation (and whether that particular station can have birthday party done there), agree verbally, and followed with a formal letter and a meet up, or two.

2Ks were already feeling excited with the site visit we had at the fire station. We went 2 times prior to the actual day to meet the Ketua Balai, and to see how to deco the place. After the second visit, Kazim had the chick to ask me “Bila kita nak pergi balai polis pulak mama?” :D

This entry is a tribute to the firemen team of Balai Bomba Jalan Jelatek for their nice hospitality and cooperation. Thank you so much! You guys rocks! 
Firemen cookies ♥
Main table props
Main table and candy buffet ★

Go and rescue people, sons.. :D

We can do this, little brother.
My 2Ks... the love of my life  

Happy birthday to you! ♫ ♪♫ ♪

Sound the alarm! ☼
My excited husband who got to ride with them boys.. (I'm not jealous! -____-')


Bomba cilik :)

Le familia
For the next edition of Kalendar Bomba :D
My uni friends
My highschool friends
My blogger friends
My gombak friends

Something for the kids to bring back home as a token :) Its the choc chip cookies freshly baked by Bake n Grin - done by my in-laws. Check out their FB page or Instagram by the name 'bakengrin'

So Alhamdulillah, the party went well and the kids (and parents) had so much fun! The kids get to do pretend-play being firemen for the day, riding the fire engine with the siren on cruising that busy Jalan Jelatek - Pasar Keramat - Jalan Jelatek route, and put out the real fire flames! ツ

Suffice to say, my kids ambition is still wanting to be a fireman.. :D