Monday, 30 March 2015

The one with... 2Ks crib

Khayr and Kazim have been sleeping in a different room for almost a year already. People have been asking us - how did we do it? As in, how did we train them to sleep on their own?

Honestly, it just happened. We did up the guest room one day and suddenly they said they wanted to sleep there. And the rest is history... A successful history :)

I suppose it's much easier because there are two of them.

So yeah they've been sleeping in the guest room all this while. We've been working on their room since 2013 heh. The handy-manny hubs wanted to do the painting and the repairing and whatnots on his own. So that sort of explain the slow progress.

Done with the painting and repairing, we then bought their double decker bed of their choice (note: we have narrowed down the options for them to choose from, based on budget of course :)). And then that's it. We procrastinated on the furnishing part. Just because that Ikea is forever crowded like all.the.time. Such a mood killer to shop for the remaining stuff for the room (I kinda like Ikea's concept for the kids room - cute! *Childhood unfulfilled dreams? hehe*)

Until recently during the school holiday when the 2Ks went to balik kampung and stayed at their Atok's house for 3 nights. Hubs and I took the opportunity to shop at Ikea (still crowded pffft but easier to brave through without them boys phew) for 1 day and for another 1 entire day to do their room (apart from going for a midnight movie 2 days in a row woot woot!).

The verdict? We love it and we love it even more that it was a complete surprise for the 2Ks. Like they got back from their trip with Atok with a tadaaaaa! Their reaction? Priceless!

We are now slowly working on filling up the small details. Like the wall deco, the book shelves, and the car tracks section. Hmmm given the track record, that'll take another some time to go? Hehe.

* love this! gonna have it hanged on their bedroom wall for them to live by*

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  1. waa nice room. ermmm where can i get the katil tingkat like your boys?


    1. Wsalam.. Thank you :) About the bed tu, we bought from kedai perabot cempaka in ampang.. Tepi mrr2. We surveyed at few kedai perabot when it comes to kids bed somehow they all same the same design.. And somehow yang kat kedai perabot cempaka tu cheaper compared to others..