Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The one with... the pause filler

Super duper hungry now. Was rushing to work this morning - didn't get to have my breakfast except for the goodness of a glass of water with ACV and honey :) Been consuming this for almost 3 months now. I think it does help with my weight, tummy and also toilet business.

Waiting for my colleague to settle her work stuff before going out for lunch. And its super cold here in office. Later when we step out of the building I’m sure we’ll be complaining about how super hot it is.

Heh. Manusia and komplen – synonym.

And now come the daily life’s problem – what’s for lunch??! Given choice, I can eat Japanese food like, everyday. But it doesn’t come cheap I tell you.

Oh well. Will let the colleague decides then.

Have a good lunch break! Going to continue working hard after lunch hour. Motivation for the week? Fast&Furious 7! :)

Monday, 30 March 2015

The one with... 2Ks crib

Khayr and Kazim have been sleeping in a different room for almost a year already. People have been asking us - how did we do it? As in, how did we train them to sleep on their own?

Honestly, it just happened. We did up the guest room one day and suddenly they said they wanted to sleep there. And the rest is history... A successful history :)

I suppose it's much easier because there are two of them.

So yeah they've been sleeping in the guest room all this while. We've been working on their room since 2013 heh. The handy-manny hubs wanted to do the painting and the repairing and whatnots on his own. So that sort of explain the slow progress.

Done with the painting and repairing, we then bought their double decker bed of their choice (note: we have narrowed down the options for them to choose from, based on budget of course :)). And then that's it. We procrastinated on the furnishing part. Just because that Ikea is forever crowded like all.the.time. Such a mood killer to shop for the remaining stuff for the room (I kinda like Ikea's concept for the kids room - cute! *Childhood unfulfilled dreams? hehe*)

Until recently during the school holiday when the 2Ks went to balik kampung and stayed at their Atok's house for 3 nights. Hubs and I took the opportunity to shop at Ikea (still crowded pffft but easier to brave through without them boys phew) for 1 day and for another 1 entire day to do their room (apart from going for a midnight movie 2 days in a row woot woot!).

The verdict? We love it and we love it even more that it was a complete surprise for the 2Ks. Like they got back from their trip with Atok with a tadaaaaa! Their reaction? Priceless!

We are now slowly working on filling up the small details. Like the wall deco, the book shelves, and the car tracks section. Hmmm given the track record, that'll take another some time to go? Hehe.

* love this! gonna have it hanged on their bedroom wall for them to live by*

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The one with... that first entry in 2015

Wow I think this is the longest of time I've ever left my blog un-updated!

To be honest, I kinda miss blogging. The nice feeling of having the bits and pieces of life documented in writing, not to be enjoyed now imminently. But for the later future when you look back and want to go down the memory lane - when you want to give a re-visit to one of the episode of your life back then.

I tell you, it always gives me this warmth feeling whenever I read back my old entries. It’s like I think I remember everything that happened in my life but when I actually skimmed through every lines written in the past, I’d smile over the fact that ehhhh aah laaa.. That thing did happen.. I did feel that way. I did experience that. I did have my birth experience that way.  I did manage to go through that. My working life then. My dating life then. My engagement story. And, well basically having the every phases of my life being played back right before my eyes. Sweet!

I do sort of mini-blogging via my Instagram account. But the feeling is not the same you know. I always feel restricted – will my Insta friends be bored by my long-winded caption? Will they be annoyed by my daily postings – same ol’ same ol’ stuff being updated again and again? Like will they feel – yes we got it, you have two boys who grow up so fast *roll eyes*. Yes, we got it, you cook for your family *roll eyes again*. Yes, we got it, you went for a holiday to place A, B, C *tired of rolling eyes already*. Arghhh stress thinking about it.

Blogspot is not entirely the same like Instagram, though to some extend they both kinda fit the same bill. People can choose to read your blog whenever they feel like reading it. Like they can read your entry now, or later, or never! But in Insta, its like, once you follow you have to bear with every posting (I know the feeling coz I totally can relate! Hehe.. Those celebrities sheeshhh why must they re-post every birthday wishes that they get? And when they got married? Engaged? Had birthday party? Oh my god, it’s like there’s a bomb exploded with pictures being dropped on my timeline! Hehe).

So yeah, blogspot is still the best platform to have the daily life written for a record. Hmm maybe I should start getting active with blogging again *insert bulb light icon with the triiiinggg sound at the background*.

Only thing, I wish I can keep things simple and sweet so that I don’t have this feeling that blogging is taking up so much of my time and time is not something I have these days!

We’ll see. I know I've been wanting to write about my 2Ks birthday party - that itself deserves an entry of its own.

Till later~! :)