Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The one with... cuti cuti raya 2014

Tinggal 4 hari je lagi nak puasa. While its definitely sad that Ramadhan month is ending, but at the same time its also exciting that Syawal month is approaching! :)

As someone having no kampung to balik to, somehow it has been a 'must' pulak for us the families to plan for some holiday activities during Hari Raya.

In 2011 we went to the Perhentian Island - read here.

And in 2013 we managed to do a last minute planning to go to Felda Residence in Sungkai, Perak :) - read here.

So this year we plan to go for a beach holiday and we have been discussing about it since the past 2 months. Hehehe. Semangat nih semangattttt. 

First of course its the creation of the family's whatsapp group chat - Cuti Cuti Raya 2014. Then followed with the few meetings :)

The 1st meeting to survey on the location and understand everyone's budget

2nd meeting - to agree on the location and proceed with booking

Anddddd finally last week we have made the full payment and our booking was confirmed!

And my sister Liana was before this being down and sad tak dapat join sebab cuti at the hospitals dibekukan, but somehow finally informed us yesterday that thank God, she now can join us so yeayyy!

yeayyy cukup semua orang, alhamdulillahhh..

Nowwwww its down to final meeting shortly.

Cant wait! Semoga dipermudahkan, selamat pergi dan pulang... Aminnnn.

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