Monday, 21 July 2014

The one with... bite size of current life.

In the midst of busyness at work, suddenly I have this sudden urge of wanting to update my blog. Its like, gosh, rindu gila please nak membebel kat sini. Rindu jotting down what is happening in life, especially in the life of my growing kids so that I have something to read and reflect back in years to come.

Where do I start pun taktau. Rasa macam banyak sangat nak update. But time is limited. I can only write so much coz I seriously need to be back at work. It is the last working week before the Raya week so I better clear what is supposed to be cleared or otherwise... [fill in the blank] :P

Speaking of Raya week, cepat je masa berlalu kan. Tau2 we are already in the final week of Ramadhan. Tahun ni Raya we didn't really splurge on Raya stuff. Not that before2 this we splurged lah kan.. I mean, no fancy smancy Raya preparation other than the basic needs - baju raya for us, for the kids, and raya cookies. Mostly are bought - but just those favourite ones only like choc chip, popiah simpul, and perhaps I will make honey cornflakes (ntah bila nak buat ntah kan haha). Every year I've been looking for a good supplier for that kuih called 'lidah buaya' or 'kuih tiram', yang macam kerepek tepung bergula tu kan, but to no avail. Hmmm.

As for the kids, baju raya diorang I've been buying since last 2 months already. Hehe. Beli sikit2 mana2 ada jumpe yang berkenan. Baju melayu diorang alhamdulillah jumpa jugak yang berkenan at a very last hour. Itupun after we found mine first. Lepas beli mine, terus teringat kat FV website ade baju melayu from that brand Zayn&Zayd yang can match the colour of my baju kurung. Skaliiii sang suami tak approve daaa. Too funky schmunky katanya. Say whaaaaat. Kids kan, harus lah nothing wrong with it patutnye kan (says me). But hubs seems to think that its too far off from norma2 kehidupan baju melayu yang sepatutnye. Heh. And then I found out about this brand called 'Kecheek' thank God hubs approved it and they had the colour of our choice. Yippie! And we had a good time getting the kids to try the baju melayu. Surprisingly this year they were being very cooperative :) It was so much fun looking at how happy they were especially si Kazim. And Khayr lagi lah, hari2 tanye bila nak raya.. I suppose he's becoming more aware and appreciative of the the meaning of Hari Raya celebration :)

*Saje letak in black and white konon2 surprise laaa theme colour for this year.. Hehehe*

Actually our whole attire nanti takde la matching2 to the dot.. Just ada laaa here and there bits and pieces warna tu macam serumpun. Serumpun?? Hahaha that's the only word I can think of right now. Coz its definitely not sedondon. Kira warna2 tu mesra laaa can blend in together. You get what I mean? :P

Before I end my entry (banyak lagi nak type but I better stop now), I also would like to have it documented here in my blog the achievement I had this year - masak (MORE THAN BEFORE, that is :P) sahur nasi with lauk for both of us weehoo! (hashtag ibadahtakperlucerita)

Okie dokie thats all for now. The break the ice entry, for many more entries to come (hopefully!)~*


By chance I got to listen to that song InsyaAllah from Maher Zain this morning, and AllahuAkbar, the lyrics are really spot on given the situation us Muslims are facing now. Gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Lets us all have faith people, cause...

Andainya kau rasa tak berupaya
Hidup sendirian tiada pembela
Segalanya suram
Bagai malam yang kelam
Tiada bantuan tiada tujuan

Janganlah berputus asa
Kerana Allah bersamamu
Insya Allah Insya Allah Insya Allah
Ada jalannya
Insya Allah Insya Allah Insya Allah
Ada jalannya


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