Thursday, 24 July 2014

The one with... the 2K's...

It has been a while since I last updated about them boys. Time flies, look at how fast they have grown up to be! My first born is already 4y5m and his little brother is now 2y5m.

An evening at the park. One of the must-haves activities for these active kiddos to channel out their energy (which often resulted in us the parents being all drained instead. Heh).

Such a sight to look at :) Khayr is already attending a mengaji class and alhamdulillah he's absorbing things quite well. And with that, his little brother also indirectly gets to learn too because Khayr will teach what he has learnt at school + mengaji class to his little brother, and amazingly Kazim picks things quite fast :)

They love swimming pool and sandy beaches.

Making ice-cream together.

Preparing their own breakfast - the nutella spread sandwich.
The results.. and the mess :)
Then... till recent. Sigh. Don't grow up so fast kids!

This morning on my way to send Khayr to his Tok Ma's house, suddenly a Hari Raya song was played on the radio. Then suddenly Khayr asked me.

Khayr: Mama, besok dah raya ke mama?
Me: Belum lagi. Lagi 3 hari. On Monday. Today is Thursday.
Khayr: Hmmm... Maksudnye, Khayr pergi school. Balik. Tidur, then besok raya?
Me: (hahaha okeyyyy he still can't appreciate number of days despite knowing numbers AND the 7 days of the week.. hmm macamana nak explain nih?). Ohhh takkk.. Bukan besok, kan mama cakap lagi 3 hari. So lagi 3 kali.. harini tidur, besok bangun, tidur, bangun, tidur, bangun, tidur, haaa then Raya.
Khayr: Mama ni ape la bangun tidur bangun tidur. Mama kan kena pergi kerja.
Mama: (okey I better rest my case hahaha aiyaiyaiiii).

Kids say the darnedest things huh? Maybe I should start writing as and when the kids say the funniest things now that they talk a lot, so that we can all laugh about it in years to come.

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