Monday, 24 February 2014

The one with... andddd somebody turns 2! :)

Tak sempat nak capture the birthday ticker on the exact day sebab it was weekend, and we were away in Melaka. But yeah, Kazim turned 2 on 22 February 2014! =)

Sigh. Time flies.

He's so big already but he's still the baby in the house :) Cheeky, naughty, playful and smart. Picked-up skills quite fast - all thanks to his mentor, si abang Khayr. Pendek kata, pengcopycat abang nombor 1. Hehe. Converse well, very active, love cars, buses, trucks, and all sorts of transportation lah pendek kata. Still bf (now tengah pening kepala memikirkan strategy on how to wean off - I think its the 2nd baby syndrome coz most friends seem to have difficulties to wean off their second kid). Dah kenal huruf, dan pandai ABC, 123 (though sometimes not in the right order), can associate A is for Apple, B is Ball, and so on. Did I mention that he's so cheeky? Yes he is SO SO cheeky lah. Nak marah pon kadang2 tergelak. On the road, dah pandai point to family members' types of cars, together with the colour. Say when he saw a Swift on the road - he will say "kereta Mak Lang red/blue/white". So the same goes with the other cars that the family members use. Dah pandai belek2 kereta and say "nak repair engine", "nak parking", "jom isi minyak", "bayar tol", "cabut tayar". Dah pandai differentiate the diff types of lorries - lorry minyak, lorry cement, lorry bawak car. Makan, seboleh2 nak suap sendiri. Minum, pon sama. Dah pandai rasa geli when pee/poo in the pampers (Is it a sign for potty training? So early meh?? -___-'). Dah pandai nak baca 'bismillah' before makan / minum when asked to, but still pelat. But sometimes yang dia tau nak 'aminnnn' je cepat2 sebab sebok nak makan / minum. Dasar si bobod. Hehehe. Tantrums throwing self to the floor sudah tiada lagi, but throwing benda nih, haihhhh dah kena time-out banyak kali pon still tak berkesan.

Even tengah kene time-out pun you are so cute and cheeky I have to take pictures of you.. Hehehe. And yes, setiap kali lepas kena time-out we will call you to hug you and explain that you shouldn't be throwing stuff to the floor - you will just stare at us and pretended nothing happened and then you'll continue running happily. Hahaha kazimmmmm kazim.

Sigh, I love you so much Kazim, to the moon and back. Banyak lagi Mama can update pasal awal, but those are the main ones I can point out. My wish, for you sayang, is the same way I feel when I wrote about your elder brother in the previous post. XOXO.

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