Thursday, 10 October 2013

The one with... the new addition.

I need to update the blog just so that the latest entries (which so happened to be bf-related) can move on already. Hmmm.

It's gonna be a quick one. Alhamdulillah on 30 September 2013 my lil sis Liana have safely given birth to a beautiful baby girl named 'Aaisyah Zuyyina =) My first ever anak saudara, the first cucu perempuan in my family, the first cousin for Khayr and Kazim!

As for Liana's husband side of the family, 'Aaisyah is the first cucu. And InsyaAllah on this coming Sunday, her sister-in-law is scheduled to give birth to twins baby girl! =) Meriah uolls family husband dia. Skali dapat terus 3 cucu, and all girls. Hehe. Dah la the husband is the eldest of 6, and he's the only guy sebab adik2 dia semua perempuan :)

- That heart-melting moment when you first met the baby you've been carrying in your womb for 9months :') -

- The proud Uncle Kerol and Aunty Lia ;) -

- Khayr acted like a pro big brother already. But Kazim? He's not bothered at all... Hehe. In fact, that night dia macam meragam satu macam, like sedih macam tu. Alololo macamane nak ada adik ni Kazim? :p -

- Khayr: "Tok Ma Tok Ma.. Ni baby girl ke baby boy? Haaaaa??! Baby girl?? Eeeee baby girl busuk! Khayr nak baby boy macam adik Kazim....." Hahaha dush dush. Sabar je lah. Ntah mana belajar ntah. Ni pulak, macamana nak dapat baby girl niiii? :p -

*banyak betul monolog dalaman mama ni ye hahaha*

- Baby talk *much love* ;') -

- vroom vroom dimple pillow from my boys, to their cousin sister :) -

- Bila tengok baby 'Aaisyah, terus rasa macam, gosh my boys have grown up so much. Sobs. -

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