Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The one with... sharing is caring! =)

I am counting myself lucky that my journey to fully bf my second son Kazim is at ease and is without any major challenge. Maybe because it’s my second time so I managed to tap on my previous experience. So this time around, I no longer on that pump-today-for-tomorrow’s-consumption mode.. Phew :'). Instead, I managed to stock up quite a reasonable amount of EBM for his consumption... except that it became a wee too much of an amount. Huhu.

So I suppose now I’m in that position whereby a slim and slender person is ‘complaining’ she is too skinny that she has difficulty to put on weight no matter how much she eats – a statement that can make everyone else rolls their eyes they secretly want to strangle that skinny person coz it’s like hey perempuan don’t you know that other people is wishing to be in your shoes?! Eat all you want and yet you are not putting on weight are you freaking kidding me you are complaining about it?

Haaaa macam tu lah. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say haha.

In other words, this time around I’m having a supply > demand situation. There. (Alhamdulillah)

So I seriously don’t know what to do with the extras I just let them be in the deep freezer. Nak buang sayang. Nak give away, hmm I know I have that option but I’m not too comfortable with the situation I need to monitor later arising from becoming an ibu susuan.

Not until I found out that I do have another better option.


Get them to be processed as soap, body wash and shampoo! Brilliant isn’t it? :) All using natural ingredients and EBM is one of it. You know, just like sabun susu kambing and the like. They are scented with pure essential oil and I chose lavender. So don't even think that the end product is like ada EBM smell you know. (Cause initially I thought the same! Haha)

I just received them last week so I have yet to try them on Khayr and Kazim. Khayr has a lot of marks on his legs as a result of him liking to garu luka kalau jatuh or bila kene gigit nyamuk. And Kazim has a mild eczema. So I’m waiting for their current Johnson&Johnson body syampoo (for Khayr) and QV (for Kazim) to finish and can’t wait to apply these on them! =)

Since I have not been using it so I can’t really testify the effectiveness of the EBM soap / body wash for now but I heard and read so many testimonials about the goodness of EBM soap and crème bath for sensitive-skin babies and even adults. They help to moisturize the skin and keep skin from dehydrating. From reading also I got to know that the fats in EBM helps to sooth and soften the skin, and the antibodies helps to prevent infection. So, instead of giving away the EBM in its original form, I’m hoping to help out other mommies out there in this other form =)

Email me at or leave your comment here if you are interested to buy them ok! :) I have surveyed around on the market price (yes apparently people have already been doing this!) so the price should be about there. However I'll try to offer better price based on the costs I have to incur because like I said, my intention is to give back to others in my support for breastfeeding :)

Till later people~*


  1. wow.sgt menariks.
    unfortunately..aku xde stok lebihan coz
    direct feed :p emm....

  2. Wow..i never knew such thing exist. All my breastmilk went to the plant. Wish i knew this earlier